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This week we are happy to announce a Campaign that caters to those who live stream & upload IRL content. The DLive Team wishes to discover exciting personalities and also reward those content creators that already produce great content.



IRL content can consist of many things but what we are looking for is content creators who engage with their audience, promote and have a strong presence on social media like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and provide meaningful content with a message. We are also looking for individuals who take pride in their work and go the extra mile to edit their videos to add an aesthetic touch.

Entrants MUST sign up with the Campaign Manager by providing both their Steemit and other social media usernames. Users can DM the Campaign Manager via Fanbase, Discord, or provide details as a response on this announcement post in the comments.

This Campaign starts today and will run until Wednesday, September 5th.

Campaign Managers


  • Use dlivevlog in your broadcasts & uploads
  • Minimum of 3 Vlogs to be considered for rewards


Most Engaging: (30% upvote)

  • Encouraging discussions
  • Answering comments
  • Social Media presence
  • Minimum 3 live streams or videos to be considered for the award

Most Watched: (20% upvote)

  • The video with the highest number of views (verified by Google Analytics)
  • Minimum 3 live streams or videos to be considered for the award

Best Editing and Visuals Award: (20% upvote)

  • Decision made by campaign managers
  • Minimum 3 live streams or videos to be considered for the award

Staff Picks: (3 x 15% upvote)

  • 3 content creators will be selected by DLive team members and will be awarded 15% each
  • Minimum 3 live streams or videos to be considered for the award

Valuable Resources

To live stream on a mobile device, consider reading this helpful guide using an Android application called myCaster found here.

Please keep in mind that live streaming from a mobile device requires a constant 4G/LTE connection with no drops. If there is a drop your live stream will be ended immediately.

To upload a video to DLive you can read the guide here.

Want to add DLive logos in your content? You can find out Brand Assets here.


Visit The Official DLive Store!




Discord.png Instagram.png Twitter.png Reddit.png Facebook.png Telegram.png


Good Luck to all participants. Do not forget to sign-up with either me or @cheech-oz. We will be here to guide you or answer any questions you might have.

I want to sign up!
Here's my Twitter:

You have been entered in the Campaign. Good Luck!

Thank you! I want to get verified next!

I will participate this contest.

I make a logo for dlive and made a video tutorial. This week I publish this video logo



This is exciting! I love doing #IRL streams with my web show on @DLive! Thanks for making incentives for us! This is my home! 💘

Great to see your interest, DM me your social media links and you are all set :)

@waybeyondpadthai, this seems like something you might be into.

She is on it while we speak! go @waybeyondpadthai

You saw my mention before I did hahaha!

Thanks jimmayyyy! ❤ I've already looked into that live on mobile phone. Hope it works..

Hello @mehdibca and @cheech-oz and thank you for such a great opportunity.

I just uploaded the first of many videos on Dlive. I have used youtube and dtube, but I would prefer yours in the long run. I tried a few months ago to upload to dlive but it failed miserably. I am in coastal northern Peru, so the internet can be fun at times. It seems to be way better now and my upload worked.

I host the Steem surf photo giveaway and I just posted the dlive video for it. It is my way of giving back to the Steem community and have fun with a great crowd. I also have put quite a few people onto Steem here in Lobitos, Peru.

Here is a link to my facebook page:

Thanks for joining us for this Campaign. I have just signed you up, all set. Have Fun and Good Luck! :)

Good morning @mehdibca and thank you for your response. I see people have been signed up for this, but I see no one being rewarded. Well I see a couple posting in dlivevlog tag and they are getting noticed by dlive, but they have been done so prior to the campaign.

How does this work? Does Dlive potentially upvote vlogs during this week until the 5th of Sept. Or are they waiting for the week to close and then upvote? if so, then most posts will be over 7 days old.

Sorry I am a little confused and it isn't clear for me at least.

all the best,


Good Morning @intrepidsurfer,

Our Content Team is continuously looking for content and will reward what it deems good content regardless of whether we are hosting a campaign or not. Vlogs are rewarded all the time. Just that this week we have special rewards as mentioned in the post.

The rewards for this Campaign will be given out to winners after the 5th. We will of course upvote posts which are less than 6.5 days old. In case a winner has no post that we can upvote, we wait until he posts again and we reward him then.

Thank you!

thank you so much for the details and all is much clearer to me :) yes I have noticed the upvotes for the videos. Hopefully I will snag a few myself.

Tomorrow I announce the new week for the Steemit surf photo contest and declare last weeks winners. I will turn this from a blog to a vlog to post on Dlive.

Hm, I'll definitely try to participate in this. Question: Can you upload videos from the mobile app at all?

You can upload from your mobile phone by using the browser, app uploads are not yet supported.

ah, sounds good. Hadn't tried that.

I'll be on vacation soon, so things would probably be unedited for the most part, but I will definitely participate in some IRL good-stuff.

WAO Now I am more motivated to show my best content in @dlive and say in my social networks that dlive is the best option to broadcast live or upload videos. I accept the challenge

Can't wait to see you part of this Campaign. Simply give me at least one link of your social media pages and I will sign you up. :)

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