hey, @mehdibca, I see that now at least the first image of my video is displayed (better than a grey rectangle) but there is a message "This video is still processing, please come later" - and that, since about 2 days now.

It's a pity because I have more than 1000 professional connections on LinkedIn and I wanted to share this post with them but I don't feel like sharing a post where the very first link is broken ...

@dlive, can you please help?

Hi @sorin.cristescu. It is unfortunate that this happened with your video. What I recommend is that you try uploading the video again, it should work this time. Please let me know how it goes, thanks and sorry again for the inconvenience.

But if I upload again it will create a new post on Steemit, correct ? I would rather not duplicate my posts, it's not doing anything for my image.
There's nothing you can do to correct this on your side, @mehdibca ?

Unfortunately the only solution is to upload the video again, but the good thing is that you can edit your previous post and add the new uploaded video link instead. I hope this helps!

Tried to:
it doesn't work, I get a GraphQL Error 2703: Post not found
I don't know how to upload a video without making a new post on the blockchain

Thank you very much and apologies on my side for messing with the tags, I didn't know it will break the link. I would like to promote that post because I think that it's quite useful. And it would be a pity to promote it while it has broken links - instead of showing DLive in a positive light it might well do the opposite ...

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