Why Every Serious Dliver Should Delegate At Least 25 SP To @dlive24hour

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Most streamers on Steemit will agree that they love @dlive and the support they are receiving but, the fact is that @dlive can't support each and every one of us. Especially not every day. No matter how good you think you are, or how many upvotes you think you deserve, you will always have to go through a dry spell sometimes. It may be a week, two, or a month even, without a single upvote. For this reason, manual curation projects like @dlive24hour rise up to help ease the stress on @dlive and the ever increasing demand for upvotes. The upvotes received from user initiated curation projects will probably never be close to what you get from @dlive but they offer a base level of support that everyone needs and deserves.

What separates @dlive24hour from other Dlive curation projects

Not only does it support Dlivers through upvotes but, it posts daily schedueles for some of the best content creators on Dlive. Providing them with more exposure and reassuring their viewers with the exact time of when their favourite streamer will be live at any given day. Providing a solution to a problem most of us will have to face. Getting more viewers joining and informing them about the beginning and contents of our future streams, or shows .

As Dlive becomes more popular over time and a rush of new streamers start using the platform, we will be lost in the sea of streams. Frantically trying to get back to the top, where we were once happily swimming at. We will try to get noticed, but will constantly be drowned by new streams coming in.

Over time it wil be increasingly hard to get noticed on Dlive and that's when @dlive24hour will really shine. The daily scheduele will be a huge opportunity to reach a broader audience by consistently producing great content and scheduling your streams.

Check out the most recent scheduele to see who is on there and what they are all about

[DLIVE24HOUR] Monday Streaming Schedule! Gaming and a great Steemit talk show!

If you have a scheduele for your streams or hoast a regular show, contact the creator of the project @ericwilson about getting it on the @dlive24hour scheduele.

Help @dlive24hour grow

A good amount of Dlivers, are mainly focused on dlive to a point where they hardly produce any content other than live streams and most of them get at least some support from @dlive. Chances are, that you have most likely already earned at least 100 SP from streaming alone. That 100SP doesn't mean much because voting 10x a day for yourself, it will only return about 30 cents a week. That's a 1.2$ per month profit! Considering that you only upvote yourself 10 times a day. But do you want to be that guy that shamelessly selfvotes their own content with most of their VP? I wouldn't suggest that to anyone.

What I would suggest though, is to delegate at least 25SP to @dlive24hour to increase its reach and enable it to support more Dlivers every day.

Instead of selfvoting, I would like to invite everyone that is seriously involved in Dlive to delegate at least 25 SP to @dlive24hour. You will only lose the potential to give 30 cents a month but you will gain so much more if you delegate. Maybe not money wise but, reputation/honor in the community and karma wise, definitely.

How I help @dlive24hour

I personally, delegate 250 SP to @dlive24hour and together with @whack.science I assist @ericwilson in finding great Dlivers to manually curate with @dlive24hour. Apart from that, @dlive24hour donates 3 STEEM to each me and @whack.science to help support our live curation shows.

Check our last show out where we together donated about 25 STEEM

[Whack Streams] WHACK Curation SHOW #5 [DLive]

WhaRuni #2 Live Curation Show in collaboration with @whack.science

Fun Fact

Do you know who is the biggest supporter of @dlive24hour with 2011 SP delegated? @wa7 aka Kent aka the founder & CEO of Dlive. That alone, tells you much about the value of the project. If the creator of Dlive beleives in such a initiative and supports it with that big of a delegate, why can't we all chip in to increase its reach?

Stop being selfish with your SP and delegate some of it! You most likely earned a big part of it from @dlive so why not return it back to a project that supports the Dlive community? What's your excuse? No excuses fellas. They are for the weak. Support the community in which you earn your daily bread!

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Thank you SO MUCH for this post, @runicar!! You are a gem and a valued asset to Steem and @DLive. Thank you!!


Np @ericwilson, it's my pleasure to do anything I can to help such an awesome initiative suceed!

I am a higher and hearty @dilve mad friend , i tell you just hearty thanks for colossal our @dlive community on steemit,again thanks @runicar


Soz but I can't make any sense out of your comment buddy.

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