[Whack Streams] WHACK Curation SHOW #5 [DLive]

in dlive •  2 months ago


Hello once again! It's time to spread some more love around in this crazy show! We had some donations and our sponsors are backing us up so we can curate a bit more today! Thanks all once again!

Check out in my last post on Steemit about recap of the last WCS! Let's get this done! WOOHOO!!!

Sunday at 12:00 PM UTC+2 hours (European Time):
@dumar022 (3 SBD)
@vimm (3 STEEM)
@dlive24hour (3 STEEM)
@steemgc (2 STEEM)
@whack.science (3 STEEM)

Thank you for your donations and for being sponsors! Let's spread some love around!

Hope that you all are doing fine! Don't forget to spread some love every single day, make it your routine and enjoy the fruits of life.

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