[TUTO] How to create a new account using Steemconnect

in #dlive4 years ago


Using Steemconnect to create a new account (for you or for a friend) is the ideal solution since you can get an instant account.

If you prefer to read a post than to watch a video, have a look at this post.

My video is at DLive


You have a nice French accent.

Hey @roxane!!!!

Wow! a much needed tutorial for both newcomers and veterans alike! helping others create an account its not only fun, satisfying, and cheap too!!

Love the video! makes for very easy tutorial!

@awesomianist Welcome ! ;-) Always happy to do tuto in english :) Hope you are well !

I hope i am doing well! Hope you are doing awesome yourself!

Owh yes, we cant get enough English tuto from you! hahhaha

Excellent information and tutorial about this topic, congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Really helpful i will try it defenitely

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