Insight To A Sustainable Family Birthday, Singing & Feasting Together

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This is a video hi lighting some of the sustainable love and happieness shared together on my birthday.

I posted a video on my actual birthday sharing my birthday of living a life of special days.

This is a video sharing the intimacy of my private family life on my birthday.

My girls @qiqi-power and @noki-power spent hours making me a present of love. You can see @everloves much more in-depth posts about that on her profile as she helped them for many hours.

@truelovelives made a sustainable feast on our wood burning stove fueled by trash wood.

I had happy birthday sung to me in 4 languages which is in THIS video.

There were also Steemit posts made by @saramiller

& also a video by @kimberleighfl

Tonight we are having an epic party in @gardenofeden which is exploring the balance of the paradox of dualistic existence of light and dark. Titled Angels and Demons where we will have two parts of the house activated in the angelic realms and demonic realms.

There will be costumes, sustainable feasting, home made beer and conscious experiences of freedom. You can see the FB event here.

My video is at DLive

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Memorable party.


hahahahaha HOLLY MOLLY!
Il say! Glad you made it, thanks for bringing sound!




Amazing and beautiful souls!



OMG!!!! What a life!! It's an over-the-top reality with you in it @quinneaker. Thank you for all the inspiration you share, just by walking around in your skin. Who you are has touched thousands and those of us who know you well can never really put into words the magnitude of the blessings.

I loved these videos, and I loved being with you again for this I am for everyday that I am in your vortex. Thank you so very much for being! You truly are a shining light!!! ~love runs deep!~

@quinneaker you are great love you


thanks man.

You’re such an inspiration. I just quit my 9-5 job to start a business that gives back to the community and I can now live a Life with a Bigger Purpose! Happy Belated Birthday!!!


So great to hear that I am inspiring and that you making choices and progress to living the life of your dreams!

That is why I I continue to share because for everyone that makes positive changes in their life its worth it!

We can all do our part and inspiring is a great start!

Hope to see you around again.

This is amazing. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, but it seems you have indeed. I found you because of @everlove. It looks like you have a wonderful life and much to celebrate and be thankful for your 35 years on earth. And lovely children too! Happy days!


Yay---you made it here. I feel certain you will benefit greatly by the inspiration that @quinneaker is. I'm grateful to share this gem with you @donnadavisart!


Yes, the positive and wonderful connections that are Steemit. It's amazing how we can all become intereconnected. :)


Sweet perfection!!! <3

wow very nice Amazing post I am followed you @quinneaker


Thanks for the support. Glad you believe its AMAZING!

Love you boss

So happy birthday

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hahahah thanks

this is really amazing and great.


Thats quite a compliment!

Awesome man. What a great time. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for tuning in and taking the time to comment!

this is really amazing the kids looks really wonderful and have a happy birthday.


It is amazing, grateful you noticed and shared your perspective.