I wanna be EOS Star on DLive after re-introduce myself again + my Second set of delegation to another 11 individual Steemians

in dlive •  5 months ago


As you may have already noticed that I’m big fan of STEEM DApps. That’s why I delegated 10k SP to Dlive today.

Simultaneously I’ve delegated 777 SP to 11 more individual Steemians today too.


These people have not been told about this and they’ll see this as a surprise. I think some of them have already noticed :)

I’m planning to only do EOS related content with Dlive after re-introducing myself again.

Happy STEEMing

Less about me and More about you and STEEM DApps

My video is at DLive

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Great to find 11 perfects steemians for your delegation


Thanks my friend:)

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It came in as a huge surprise to me when I saw you delegated some SP to me earlier this morning. I'm really grateful you considered me to be among those who you chose to delegate your SP to. Thanks a bunch @nathanmars :)


You certainly deserve it my friend!!

That's so nice to hear that you delegated that much to help support dlive! Thanks for that! Have you heard about @steem-ua? It's an groundbreaking project that just came a bit more than 2 weeks ago. I wrote an in depth review on the projet which you can read more about here.

TL;DR it's a new, fairer and better reputation system for steemit which upvotes its supporters depending on their UA score and how high their posts rank in the algorithmic curation rounds.

Definitely worth checking out.

BTW, what's up with the resolution of the video? Is that how you uploaded it or did it get changed after upload?


Yes I’ve heard about @steem-ua and I’m gonna do full research after sorting out my delegations.

Thanks for sharing your article as well.

Also I appreciate you noticing the video and I’ve completely done me video using my iPhone X and I’ll figure what went wrong.

Happy Steeming:)


What are your first thoughts on it? I got big hopes and expectations for the project as you might have seen from the article and they are already making some of them ture. Over time I really do beleive that this will be one of the strongest community projects on Steemit (curation, incentive wise).


Steem on buddy!

Have done a lot of good work today to delegation 11 people, thank you so much for taking such an initiative and to help you so much better.

Hello @nathanmars sir I resteem your excellent helpful work


I’m happy see your activies my friend:)

It's great that you make those kind of delegations to help the community grow a little more, steemit needs more people like you.


Let’s be the change we want to see in Our Steem ecosystem

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I hadn't noticed until i received a notification just now. I just wanted to say thanks for picking me as one of your group to delegate to. Being involved in the engagement league and curie followers i will use it to spread the love to other active users. Thank you.


You’re most welcome my friend:)

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What a pleasant surprise to wake up to! More than anything, it means the world to me that you believe in me individually, and trust me to leverage this generous contribution to the betterment of STEEM and the Dapps.

I have to let this sink in but immediately, I see the opportunity to upvote twice as many people I believe in here.

I too believe in both STEEMit and EOS mainly for the notion of diversifying my portfolio and support for the Larimers.

Again, I am humbled and inspired!


I’m super happy hear and I usually follow my heart and I believe in you :)

Enjoy your STEEMing !

This is so kind of you. Keep on doing the good work


Thanks and I appreciate your compliments:)

Very nice initiative @nathanmars,keep doing the good works,happy STEEMing


Thanks my friend!

Hi @nathanmars, Today you delegate SP to another great steemians. I give big salute to you coz you only find here your followers success. Not only for you. It's only few steemians here like you.


Let’s be great Steemians :)

They sure deserve it by the way ;)


Thanks 🙏

Exactly what this platform need in order to grow.
Excellent initiative @nathanmars

@nathanmars, I am waiting for your videos about EOS. Yesterday, I tried to install the the EOS wallet/toolkit from the site https://eostoolkit.io/home , but I couldn't. I've also become interested in EOS recently. 2 weeks ago I stareted using Trybe.one (a kind of decentralized social media for crypto trading and investing that is based on EOS). So, the Trybe tokens will be kind of EOS tokens. Many Steemians've started using it. A Steemian @yanipetkov told me about it.

Ok, once again, I am waiting for your Dlive videos about EOS.


Happy to see another EOS fan!

One of my other major investment is EOS and I feel little bit out of touch and so it’s good idea to keep updated with EOS and share what I learning about EOS with others.

EOS to moon :))


@nathanmars, ok! But to be honest I am a Newbie in the EOS ecosystem. So, I am eager to watch your videos about EOS and learn about it.

good job....


Thanks 🙏

I am really happy 22 people surprised by you this is really huge step by you you make people happy and this is way they more believe and make more quality post for DApps

How do you think @nathanmars what will happen next?


Can you please clarify your question bit more ? Thanks

Thanks a bunch, you are right it was a surprise! In one play you have doubled my SP now I just need to think about using it wisely 💪

I haven’t really looked into eos as of yet, do they have a steemit like platform out?

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