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RE: @branlee sucks at Bloodborne Episode#1

in #dlive5 years ago

Keep fighting the good fight! It is an amazing game!

It has been a while since I've played it - but if I remember correctly initially you can't level up much, until you get at least 1 point in intuition (?) - the eye icon below the blood echoes on the right.

You can get your first intuition point by either killing one boss or by exploring. There is one as an item you can pick up in the sewers bit.

Try to focus and explore as much of that initial area as you can - and try to open gates and shortcuts.

As soon as you unlock the potential to level up - you will increase in strength a lot. Soon enough those dudes will be just trivial.

And then you get to the fun part!

I have been meaning to use DLive - but I am scared of Steemconnect to log in. I really dislike being forced to give away my owner key... :S


Hey, @mathuselah! Thanks for the advice! I did find the first boss. He was beyond the door that's sort of guarded by two werewolves and a giant troll dude. I died twice fighting him. Will try to figure it out. Just feels like there's no progression when I keep dying and have to do it all over again :P

Once you can level up and actively increase your power, it becomes addictive.
It is mostly a risk/reward simulator. Do you bank your souls/blood and level up, or risk going for longer and longer clearing the aisles?

I still remember one time I died twice in a row over something stupid and lost 8000 souls. It still hurts =)

The werewolf dude - clerical beast I believe - was tricky - but remember: molotov cocktails are your friends!

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