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RE: @branlee sucks at Bloodborne Episode#1

in #dlive6 years ago

Hey, @mathuselah! Thanks for the advice! I did find the first boss. He was beyond the door that's sort of guarded by two werewolves and a giant troll dude. I died twice fighting him. Will try to figure it out. Just feels like there's no progression when I keep dying and have to do it all over again :P


Once you can level up and actively increase your power, it becomes addictive.
It is mostly a risk/reward simulator. Do you bank your souls/blood and level up, or risk going for longer and longer clearing the aisles?

I still remember one time I died twice in a row over something stupid and lost 8000 souls. It still hurts =)

The werewolf dude - clerical beast I believe - was tricky - but remember: molotov cocktails are your friends!

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