CENSORED! Alex Jones and InfoWars Are Just The Start

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the truth about Alex Jones and Infowars only being the start of online de-platforming. We also get in the hypocrisy of Tekashi 6in9ine plus a lot more.

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an addition concerning the removed (and removing plattforms)

In my opinion just let these corporate platforms die. If they become government "regulated" , they become permanent. Yes d tube,steam-it, etc are different. hard to get used to. But moving to open-source platforms is the way to go.

This is @crypt0snews and all the people who think like that (this is not an insult by the way, its a warning) you say "Keeping all of my stuff, and not giving it back, should be a crime". I agree, BUT I'd bet if you read the "license agreement" or whatever they called it (that I'm 99.9999975% sure you didn't read. I know I didn't), that "stuff" was no longer yours when you pressed the Enter key to post it. Example, cell phone "Owners Manuals" are now called "User Manuals" because in the fine print that no one ever reads we are not purchasing any rights of ownership, were just "users" of the service(s).

Buy the way, I'm not agreeing with facefarts terms of service or management practices, I'm just pointing out an issue that we all need to realize and understand.

Excellent coverage of the real, cutting through the mocking bird press's b u l l s h i t.
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

I find it commendable of you guys that you are making an effort to move your operations unto more decentralized platforms.

Especially reading the bans that are occuring for no reasons on the other social media platforms. hadn't heard about the facebook banning activity, I basically am just an independent musician and artist, and post mostly that on my profile there anyway, but I have also been promoting steemit and Dtube etc as something more people should ponder switching over to.

Simply just the fact that you are rewarded for the content you share on the platform, and knowing it will stay forever here, adds value actually using the web, and also brings a more thoughtful aspect into it all. In that you know, you better be sure about what you post, cause once it is up, it is up for life and won't be possible to delete it any longer.

I think the best we can do is start unplugging from the big platforms and joining all of the open-source community built platforms, that are not trying to make millions of profits of of my data like facebook and never even give me a penny in return for basically wanting to have me post my entire life there, so they can sell my information.

Subscriber of your challenge, both here following and on youtube.

Much love to you @lukewearechange

A subscriber from Luxembourg! Love your work!