The Truth about Alex Jones

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"Alex Jones....the name that has become as much a household word for conspiracy theorist as the actual term itself. Whenever the media pushed a narrative full of plot holes, contradictions, or illogical fallacies that cries out for critical evaluation and logical thought, there’s Alex.... Always to be counted on to mix some truth with a whole lotta crazy and directing the narrative the mainstream media holds up as the emblem of lunatic dissent. The formula was so redundant, so consistent, and so always stunned me that so many would believe Jones could be anything other than designated and deliberate controlled opposition. We all know the Lenin quote...’the best way to control opposition is to lead it’ and what better character could one create than Alex Jones." - Debbie Lusignan (It's possible Lenin never actually said that.)

More from Lusignan's Facebook Note:

"Infowars won’t be the true victim of this pseudo censorship campaign anyway (pseudo as a coordinated ploy for Infowars - the implications are real and serious for the rest of us), it will be the other channels who will be purged in the name of ‘private business rights’ who will cease to have a venue to challenge the MSM and false prophets such as Jones. In fact, this will be great publicity for Infowars as their brand has been flagging as of late and their supporters wary of a channel that continues to prop up in its own politicians what they say is high treason in the other side."

(I'm linking to an archived version of the article so that The Verge doesn't get views. The link to the live version can be found within the archived version's link.)

Another thing worth mentioning is that, like almost all of the alternative media, Jones and Infowars haven't really shown their followers how to actually get rid of the deep state.


There's also the Bill Hicks conspiracy theory.

Sure, Jones looks and sounds a lot like Hicks, he generally has a lot in common with him, and the age thing is somewhat weird. But, this VICE article says the idea that Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks is "utter bullshit." And, since VICE is a mainstream media outlet, co-owned by Disney, A+E Networks, and Shane Smith, VICE and its writers are trustworthy and don't need to back their claims up with good evidence.

Yes, there may be people, like Sacha Baron Cohen, who go around pretending to be someone else. And Jones's lawyer may have said that Jones is simply a performance artist playing a character. But there's no way the establishment would go as far as having someone do this for years.


Upvoted and Resteemed! Thank you for the post. It's amazing so many people still think Jones is the real deal...

Thx! And yeah, it is amazing. The implications are fun too (when it comes to the mainstream and alternative media).

Upvoting and Resteeming. Great work Kevin. Jones discredits the real truth community, and for all of us to move forward we need to help get people past this clown who is used to discredit all of us as he throws his support behind Trump and Israel who are part in parcel of the Deep State. (Heck, they are the Deep State).

Here's another interesting video to add on what former Infowars employees have to say about him since Trump was placed in power.

Infowars Employees Expose Alex Jones - (by Adam Green at Know More News)

Thanks again :) And I'll definitely watch that video.

Added it to the article ;)

Interesting article @kevinsarpei, if I wasn't so damn paranoid I would resteem it!

Paranoid of what?

The space lizards...

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I have a good idea AJ is controlled opposition based on things I've seen. I have a hard time seeing Bill Hicks as AJ and I am having a hard time making the connection of why someone who brought light to the fact of the sad state of our society and the control by a small group of people then turning to make it look nutty and being cointel.
If anything I see it as degrading Bill Hicks. Maybe Hicks was killed so AJ could thrive.

Maybe Hicks was "forced," brainwashed, or killed (and replaced). Maybe he was controlled opposition from the start. Maybe he did it for the money. Or maybe he thought doing this would ultimately help the cause.

Have YOU NEVER met a Doppelganger in Real Life?

I have several times. AND those Doppelgangers Were Not even Blood relatives!

I was just looking at a phot taken a few years back, I thought GOT DAMN, I looked so good in that photo. But I did not remember taking it. Upon closer inspection- it turned out to be my Niece- when she was FAT no less. I told her the story. She was not Amused & INSISTED she never ever once looked the least little bit like me, not even when she was fat.

My opinion about Alex Jones is that he was a Deep State Plant but not anymore.

Have you seen the original movie True Lies with Arnold Schwartznagger? I think Jones/ Hicks turned on his creator.....

Haven't seen the movie, but I very much doubt Jones went rogue. (I take it you skipped the first two videos I embedded?)

Yes, I didn't see the first two videos. I speedread your article. When I have time I will watch the first two videos.

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