The Coins that SHOULD Be Top 5 Market cap Right Now

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In this video, I'm gonna be talking about which cryptocurrencies I think SHOULD be in the top 5 in terms of market capitalisation based on the current utility and value they provide in the marketplace.

Let me know what you think!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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Mostly agree, but I'd trow off the Litecoin from the list and inserted a Bitshares. A real working DEX is a big deal!

You explained great reasons for your top five coins when it comes to market cap. Believe it or not, my favorite is Steem, since I’m perfectly informed about how it works. Bitcoin and ETH is here to stay. Litecoin is like silver in precious metals which fallows price of gold, just like LTC follows price of BTC with few exceptions of course.


Steem is my favorite too is steem because u can use it to creat more coins

I know that you're a big ETH fan.

I listened to you, and bought 1ETH few days ago.

I think that it's really undervalued at less 500$.

I agree with all of the picks.

But, I would put Zcash in front of Monero as a private currency.

I am aware that Monero is used on the deep web, but imo, Zcash is better and more safe.

I also agree with you that privacy currencies are undervalued, as they are really needed, and the best should be higher than 13th position.

bitcoin should be and will always be the number one, follow by etherium. But in terms of activities and transactions these days, I will go for steem.

I’m surprised you didn’t name IOTA. However, I’m completely not surprised you included in your top five Steem. Overall, except XMR, I’m invested in all that you named. Not that I don’t believe in monero, sometimes we can’t have everything we want. BTC, ETH, LTC & STEEM. I also think EOS should be there as well in 5th place tie with Steem 😆.


IOTA is way overvalued, the network still needs a coordinator to run.


How do you use iota? 😂


Honestly, I don’t use any of these coins I invested in. I’m a very long therm investor. For me, it’s about the future. With IOTA it will take years to get to the point to what it supposed to do. I just like the project and few reliable people recommend it to me. I also like to be diversified.
Now if your question is genuine, here is a bit more about IOTA.

My list would be very close to yours. I think that Monero got hurt a bit after the all the forks that occurred and the fact that ASIC miners took advantage of the mining for some time. I would replace Monero with DASH because they have a good treasury system that will help promote it for real use cases like it is currently being done for many unbanked citizens in Latin America and Africa. Although I agree with you on STEEM in the long term, it does not have the user base yet to be in the top 5 which would need a $7 billion market cap; definitely top 10 though. EOS could probably be in Top 5 given the scaling ability it already has processing over 2,000 transactions per second.

Good review, but I disagree with a couple of your picks. I think Monero has too much regulatory risk because it's a secrecy coin. And for Steem. Yes, Steemit has 1 million account but there are only 100,000 regular users. That doesn't justify a one billion dollar market cap. I wish it did as that would give me a good chance to take some profits. I would put EOS and XRP in my top 5. I think the market has done a pretty good job of pricing the top projects in the right order, although I think they're all undervalued right now.

Dogecoin should obviously be #1! lol

All I know is that Tether should NOT be in the Top Ten! Haha, I hate seeing it there!

How about we talk about undervalued coins? Like GNT, BAT, Steem, TenX, and possibly others. I feel most of these coins are pretty high in market cap. If you want to get a 50 bagger, I would invest in one of these ;)


I hodled Ten X for a long time then I saw a small green and sold long story short it has since gone way up and I didn't even get the rate I wantes because of the amount of time the transaction took the Changelly rate already fluctuated lower. My Wife said "HODL!". I learned my lesson. I am waiting for a good low to get back into Ten X. I can use some FUD right now lol.

I think you nailed the top five choices perfectly. Position of Steem in top five is well deserved and I was hoping you'll put at least one DPOS solution in the top spots. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero are pefect to be the first three. Although I am a bit unsure of putting Litecoin ahead of Steem.

To my way of thinking Steem already has hundreds of thousands of users on the blockchain, that are actively pushing it forward. The analogy is a bit simplistic but what I mean to convey is that Steem blockchain already has a real world use scenario that is already delivering value and this is the primary reason I am willing to put Steem above Litecoin. I understand that doing this is no small matter, given the fact how well established Litecoin is.

I think once we are able to whether this bear market, Steem will rise to further prominence and will have a better chance of establishing itself as one of the 'old' ones. I have a feeling that we have a very good chance that Steem might break into top ten in the next year or so.

Steem all the way baby 😎

Can't really argue with your list although I would replace Litecoin by NEO only because it is the "chinese etherium"

steem and monero are really undervalued indeed.
I dont know what is all the fuzz about LTC.
A sin that you not mention EOS.

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Good list, I think regulators will eventually stop exchanges from trading Monero by claiming it is funding illicit activities (FIAT does that too so..) but as long as DEXs are around it should perform well.

Really enjoy your videos on youtube. I am looking forward to discovering your content on here ! I am a newbie to Steemit , but i want to become a content creator focusing on some fundamental analysis of projects - in particular Roadmaps - these provide excellent insight into the veracity of the project team and their success in achieving their vision.

However first i need to learn more about creating content on Steemit !

Steem absolutely. Steem is secure enough, lightning fast, cheap to use, extremely scalable and very user-friendly with human readable addresses. I can't comprehend why it is not used for payments any more than it already is.

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Well said man great video... i have all these coins. good to know .. hope everyone makes out..

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