The Journey Inward: Uncovering Universal Truth - Episode 8 @scottshots

in dlive •  5 months ago


In this series, we have discussions about consciousness, spirituality, awareness, philosophy, and evolution of thought in an attempt to reveal the truths you can put into practice that might allow your journey on this earth to be a little more loving, joyous, centered, and fun.

My guest on this episode is an inspiration to me, Scott Thompson @scottshots. Scott is an amazing photographer truly talented and if you have any love for the beautiful scenery of this world you should follow him. He is also a very kind, centered, down to earth, genuinely happy person. He has a unique worldview that you can definitely learn from. Grateful to have this discussion with him and to share it with you all.

Here are just a few of the topics we discuss on this episode:
-Religious Dogmas
-Living in the Now
-Following Your Inspiration
-Being Here Moment By Moment
-Loving Your Life Now
-Not Overthinking Things
-Trusting Yourself And Your Passion
-Acts Of Kindness Rewarding Each Person

If any of these topics interest you up then please have a listen and keep the conversation going in the comments below. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Much Appreciation and Love. Good Journey My Friends

My video is at DLive

My video is at DLive

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Great video, Thanks


thanks for the post awesome post


Thank you, much appreciated

Hey! Two of my favorite guys talking about great things!!


Thank you luv! It was a great conversation with Scott because we had never really talked about it before and I had no idea where it was going to go. But he is such a great guy that I wanted to know his philosophy on life and wasn't disappointed.


Haha! Nice! Thank you @ogc! That was fun @larrymorrison! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to think about those things a bit more and to share my opinions and thoughts. I hope you two and @steemcafe are all doing great. Cheers!

Very true!!! Nice content and inspirational work!!!


Thank you @princessjulius, I appreciate it

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Interesting reflection and theme, I will follow your photos, thanks for sharing!

It's really great brothers.
we want more video about philosophy and photography
Btw thank you for sharing this types of videos ☺☺