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RE: 25 Reasons Steem Will Replace Bitcoin as #1 Cryptocurrency by 2021!

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Hey @anonymint. Thank you so much for writing this. While I'm still slightly confused by some of the more complex elements to the platform I can see clearly in your article how things are not always as they seem! I'd certainly be interested to find out more and have definitely benefitted from being an early adopter in Steem as much as 2 years ago have spoken to someone at a wedding who told me about it. Needless to say, I signed up and managed to create enough content to earn steem before the bots came a'running! I genuinely do look through the platform to comment and engage - just like we are doing now but can also see how people exploit things. Anyways, if you have any solutions to the problems you mentioned above I'd be more than willing to hear them! All the best, jonathan


Thanks Jonny for appreciating the effort. I’m repulsed after-the-fact by my avatar being plastered all over this blog trying to get others to notice my rebuttal. I wanted to get the ball rolling on wider awareness. I hope the community can carry the torch on educating others. I don’t want to have to plaster my avatar all over again. It’s embarrassing as if I am trying to grab attention to myself, which is not the case. I could probably reword some of my comments in a less combative tone, but I wrote too much already and don’t have enough time to go back to make all the words perfected.

I am inviting everyone to feedback on a naming a new project which will attempt to fix these problems.