100 Steem Live Giveaway on Twitter with SteemTipper.com!

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Will we promote Steem on Twitter with steemtipper.com because each of us can send and receive Steem tips from any Twitter account? We collaborated today on this live stream on @dlive and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JerryBanfield/status/992057967464738816 to demonstrate how easy using @steemtipper is to promote Steem and send tips on Steem!

To learn more about https://steemtipper.com by @followbtcnews and @crimsonclad, visit https://steemit.com/steem/@followbtcnews/steemtipper-is-taking-off-tip-steem-easily-and-safely-on-twitter-and-social-media-platforms-with-no-fees.

Live Stream Giveaway

  1. To participate, retweet and reply/comment to this status while I am live https://twitter.com/JerryBanfield/status/992057967464738816. The giveaway as of three hours later is over with over 100 Twitter users receiving 100+ Steem in tips!
  2. Tips were sent to the most recent comment after I send the previous tip with a maximum of 1 Steem per Twitter account until 100 tips have been sent or the Twitter API limits stop me from tweeting. You will be able to see who gets each tip at https://steemtipper.com/stats in real time.
  3. To claim the tip, we sign in at https://steemtipper.com/ by Steem witness @followbtcnews and @crimsonclad as explained in the launch post here.
  4. Once we see the tip in our balance at https://steemtipper.com/ we have the option to either withdraw it to any Steem account or to tip another Twitter user!


My hope with this giveaway is to give Steem back to those of us most active and working together to promote Steem while testing @steemtipper as a promotional tool on Twitter. With Google banning ads for cryptocurrencies in June 2018 while Facebook and Twitter did so earlier, we are researching the best ways to promote Steem with giveaways directly to users allowing us to keep all our Steem within our community instead of paying it to a company to show ads. The question is how effective can we be working together like this?

Thank you to the hundreds of us delegating Steem power to my account and the 7,000+ of us voting for me as a witness at https://steemit.com/~witnesses because these delegations and votes are funding this giveaway via our budget proposal system as explained in the original post, how to bid with the bot, 10 ways to get funding for growth projects on Steem and my 2018 witness roadmap.


After I make this post, I will prepare the live stream on https://twitter.com/JerryBanfield and also live stream to @dlive as well at https://www.dlive.io/@jerrybanfield. The delay between this post and going live may be thirty minutes to an hour as I get everything setup on periscope and to give you time to be ready! If you missed it, will you follow me on Steem and Twitter because if this works well to share Steem on Twitter, we will be doing many more of these?

I am very grateful for the chance to do Steem full time with you here today and hope that we will continue working together to give as many more of us a chance at this as possible!


Jerry Banfield

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Let's stay together?

Our Most Important Votes on Steem are for Witness!

My live stream is at DLive


More power to decentralization. Good job @jerrybandfield.

Very cool! Thanks!

That was fun. SteemTipper seems good, thanks for the free steem, it's going to a good cause :)

This is a nice tool. i need to check it out. thx

@jerrybanfied Waooo! This effort will promote steemit and it's blockchain to ran higher on the search engine.

Hi jerry would you be able to help me raise fund for my project to invite different communities here on steemit?

Thank you to everyone that participated! The live stream is complete as seen at https://twitter.com/JerryBanfield/status/992057967464738816 with over 100 Steem given out via https://steemtipper.com/stats. We even got the account restricted during the live stream and @followbtcnews got it back online for us within minutes :)

I was meditating and I missed the tip, LOL!

  • Does everything have its own reason?
  • The case doesn’t exist?

🌈 A big hug from @amico! 🤗

@jerrybanfield this is awesome effort to promote steemit on other social media site

without you steemit will be booring

Ok let it role.
Because thats how we role.
Steem to every nation,tribe and tongue.

work fast and easy his results are satisfactory. like @banfield

Good work, keep it up :)

That is really an awesome initiative...

Twitter brought this to my attention and I'm watching it now. But I don't understand how to participate in the giveaway.

Good to see you on Twitter also.😃

I really appreciate your efforts to promote steem. I think that steem has the potential to overcome social networks!!!

@jerrybanfield , excellent work, I think steemit deserves this and more, here we work many people daily and your work will push the platform much more.
Happy day :)

This is so cool of you. ♥

i am trying to participate.
my twitter account https://twitter.com/arif119779
i retweet your live and logon to steemtipper using twitter account.

Cool strategy! Im all in! Good luck to all involved people!

Hi there! Great you're doing this!

Thanks for this! I retweeted! :-)

please visit my blog @zuhrafriska

I re tweeted :-) haha you broke steem tipper loool!!

Hey, I retweeted! :-)

twitter stabbed me from the back suspended my account and i been trying to get my account back for the last 30 mins :(

couldnt get to retweet or comment

The concept is really crazy @jerrybanfielf, now I'm 100% sure steemit is ""THE" future social network". Thanks for the tips by the way, It was unbelievable to see you tipping me live hahaha :D

Waaaw.... Great you doing..

I'm in on anything that's about the promotion of steem.

Off to twitter now to set it up

Good Initiative


Hello @jerrybanfield i retweet on your tweet account yesteday but aint no that my message did not send. I just retweet another one this morning. I hop i still have the chance of getting the benefit.

Mindblowing job carry on

Great promotion Jerry! I just retweeted! Thanks for all you do for the steem blockchain!

Hello there! Yes I was able to participate and posted a comment of my steemit username under the comments section after I retweeted. :)
This is really a great way to promote steem and all steem-based apps to the entire social media without plaguing them with any steem links. Thank you for this generosity even though I am not able to receive the 1.000 Steem, this platform is about to get really Successful and thrive further. I am now an avid supporter just like how I was able to support my witness ever since I started with steemit.

cool strategy

THIs is reall aw some collaboration work Jerry! I really hope we can work together and coordinate on these more in future!! We could set a date ahead of time and help u spread the word about the tipping through promo steem. With enough notice we could really get a huge amount of activity and trending potential!!

Thanks for the giving us the opportunity to be part of this giveaway,i really appreciate you
You are such a great role model.
I know with this Steem will be highly recognized

commented, and retweeted, but in different tweets

It works wonderfully. At first was thinking my Twitter ID was different with my Steemit ID and will not be getting the tip. Silly me. Thanks again @jerrybanfield.

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