Dlive and DSound Contest Idea?

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How do we collaborate to promote @dlive, Steem's decentralized live streaming platform and @dsound, Steem's decentralized platform for uploading audio at https://dsound.audio/? Will you read this post to discover an answer and provide feedback because this will help us get started promoting @dlive, @dsound, and Steem on the world's most popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.

After authors earned $10,000+ USD in a week publishing hundreds of original and powerful stories to the Steem blockchain with the supernatural writing contest, many of us have been asking about the next contest?

Meanwhile, @dlive and @dsound seem like ideal applications to promote on Steem because live streaming is growing rapidly in terms of viewers while being very hard to get started with as a new streamer especially when it comes to earning. @dlive has a delegation of about 2 million Steem Power from Steemit Inc via @misterdelegation which gives @dlive the ability to upvote those publishing live streams for over $10,000 USD a day in rewards paid by the Steem blockchain.

@dsound by @prc meanwhile has its own 1 million Steem power Delegation allowing for upvoting $5,000+ a day in original music, podcasts, and audio uploaded. With the popularity of podcasts today and the inability of most musicians to earn anything making music, how do we help those that would love to use @dsound and listen with no ads to discover Steem?

Contest Idea?

How do we work together to bring thousands of new users to @dlive and @dsound? Millions of people worldwide would be thrilled at the chance to earn $10 USD worth of rewards a day from live streaming on @dlive and uploading audio to @dsound. Meanwhile, almost everyone that might benefit has no idea these exist and struggle to earn anything using other platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Ultimately if we want to make @dlive and Steem successful it is all about user growth.

What if we had a contest that promoted @dlive and @dsound on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, and Smashcast featuring original music with a $100+ payout to listeners daily for finding an easter egg in the music? I happen to have a live music streaming setup that is ideal for this which would allow me to play electronic music all day every day and easily hide an audio clip with instructions on how to win.

To win, a user would need to sign up for Steem and be ready to post upon hearing the audio clip. As soon as the audio clip was heard at a random time during the live streaming music, the user would need to create a new post on Steem based on what was requested in the audio clip and link to it on newest @dlive post. As soon as I found the first winning post, I would send an upvote to the winner through one of the voting bots and take down the live stream. For the next contest, I record a new audio clip and put the live stream back up again.

The live stream on @dlive, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Mixer, and Smashcast would focus only on promoting Steem featuring live price updates, instructions on how to participate, and links to @dsound to listen to individual tracks along with @dlive to participate in the contest. New uploads on @dsound would then have additional easter eggs offering more rewards to users following the instructions which might appear at the end of a song or when the beat dropped in the middle of a song or in the text of the post.


We already have funding through delegations to my upvoting bot which pays delegators 45% of bids back every day automatically and funds projects to grow Steem via @budgets with 45% of bids while bot operators receive 10%. To run a contest like this on a regular basis, we ideally would want to raise the money within the contest itself because this would guarantee it was self sustaining. Fortunately with @dlive and @dsound having such large upvotes, funding these contests would be as easy as getting enough upvotes to pay the rewards out on each contest post.

A small upvote from either @dlive and/or @dsound would put out $100 a day in rewards as I created the contests each day. No contest from me = no funding. SBD upvotes from contests with votes from @dlive and/or @dsound would then go to @budgets which then would send to winners. Fortunately we do not need to get pledges of any upvotes to begin and are able to immediately fund with the Steem and SBD @budgets already has. When @dlive and @dsound find the contest helpful, each would have the ability to provide ongoing funding.

Do It?

Launching a contest like this and doing it on a regular basis might be very helpful for the Steem blockchain and also would be a big commitment from me every day to live stream to 4 to 6 websites and check for the contest results. I think this might combine really well with everything else we are doing together.

What do you think?

Jerry Banfield

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Promoting @dsound and @dlive is a great idea. However the contest idea seems like a lot of work on your side and might have some perverse effects by attracting people who are more interested in "gaming the system"(of the contest) and making off with the booty than in producing quality content.
Because ultimately what we need above all, whether on @dsound, @dlive or @steemit is quality content.
One way to get quality content is to have it currated by humans (not bots).
So here is an alternative idea: you invite people to stream on these sites and look how many humans (not bots) have upvoted a posting (regardless of their SP, so disregard the rewards). And after a set period of counting human voters you have a look yourself at the first three or five (or whatever) and "top up " with a vote from mrdelegation or however has a nice SP those that you find best among the pre-selected.
Possibly less work for you and certainly less distortion introduced by the rules of the contest.
Thanks for giving it a thought.


As a minnow who has produced quite a lot of content for other platforms, I appreciate the idea to count votes and not rewards. If you want to get good content, take a look at how many new people join the platform every day. I think @sorin.cristescu is on to something here. @jerrybanfield, I made another comment later on the thread with ideas of how to do less work and add more value so you don't burn yourself out on this.


Sorin I think you are right about the contest being a lot of work on my side and I will ask for direction on how to promote without making it so much work and by adding more value.


I don't really believe that human votes can suggest or guarantee a quality content as i know if many great writers here who make quality posts but don't get up to 5 votes and 1 dollar pay out.

You come everytime with bang new innovative ideas. Combining different social networking sites and promotion through it is great idea.
I would love to listen and wait for the request and than upload the answer or steem post.
When it will roll out?
Hope I will be the first to win your vote.


Soon given the feedback!


Hey @jerrybanfield.
Is there any chances that my story will get some. Reward from you. As it is not mentioned in your grid list. I have already send you the link above.

@dsound, and these other branched dapps will definitely need some aid receiving users. I believe its best to delete all social media and move to the STEEM bchain. That's what I have done. Steepshot is also pretty cool!

I believe the contest is a good idea. The main factor behind my idea though is consistency. Let us suggest a contest where individuals must post on one of those mediums for 7 days in a row.

With proof of post for 7 days, sufficient post, within given criteria, they will be rewarded in some way.

It will motivate usage of the site, but most importantly it will instill a little habit in every poster that will make it a little easier to continue using after that 7 day period!

Let me know what you think about this idea!

Someone help me. I can not login with steem account at dsound.

I'm facing this problem. Nobody can tell me its solution?


You must go to permissions and click view on your private posting key. It’s hidden until you click it.

Great Idea @jerrybanfield. It will be a great way for steemit community to grow and also a nice way for Steem and SBD to gain more popularity. Almost nobody will want to reject $10 for participating in this. If you know the worth of $10 then you will understand my point. Let's get the ball rolling so we can get this place saturated with more creative minds.
I love to comment on the #SPIRITNATURALWRITINGCONTEST you did because you talked about here as well. I like to ask if you even checked the different post people did using the tags and following your instructions. I had to share a part of my life in that contest but I doubt if you even saw it, a guy also asked about that in your discord channel but nobody answered him. I will be glad if you reply this comment.

Best regards.

This would be a great idea! I was allready looking forward to using dlive a bit more, so this is awesome.


Welcome to steemit @sh-saimum I hope you will enjoying steemit


Yea Bro me enjoying

AFter reading you post. I came to know about @dlive and @dsound
You post is very helpful almost to the new steemians. Thanks for sharing this with us. @jerrybanfield


@uzairkhan622 thank you for letting me know it was helpful!


Welcome sir

hi jerry, we appreciate the work you are doing , promoting this amazing products i will surely be trying some -of your tricks to see what really works

Thank you @jerrybandfield have spend your time for sharing us about @dlive and @dsound work. I think this explanation very useful for me.

What do you think?

I think you're so creative for envisaging this and I think this will be a very good contest and the first of its kind. I see it becoming popular and more people adopting this same style of organising contests soon.

Also, I think more and more people need to join hands in promoting this platforms on different social media networks. Facebook is a good example.

Recently, I've seen so many people persons promoting different apps running on the steem blockchain on Facebook and it is encouraging enough.



@enolife thank you for noticing!

Off topic question (kinda) lol , I want to build a bot , where can I seek the knowledge for this?


@inertia has bot software that can help!


Thanks my friend !

I feel like its our year for all STEEM based apps guys!

You’re awesome and you know many things . Keep it up mate :D

I think it is a great idea, but what I notice is that (already by it's populairity) new post to dsound etc. are disappearing rather quickly because of the enormous ammount of posts. So you have to figure out a way to let these post shown a bit longer for others to see? Or is that not the intention of the contest? Is it only making it more populair?

Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work !!

very cool.
I like what you share

Interresting contest

i truly believe that your contest is by far the best in all steemit community
Thumbs up

You're the best @jerrybanfield and your initiative to promote dlive and dsound is very important for this platform. I thank you for what you did. Great ideas

Interesting ! I gotta say d live and sound is an awesome idea , it’s exciting to actually have platforms with no censorship or having somebody else control your data and info 😁

Thank you Jerry for your extraordinary contribution on the steemit!

i don't have any experience with dsound and dlive hope it would be great

This would be a great idea! I was allready looking forward to using dlive a bit more, so this is awesome.

hi Jerry if we had ten of your types with such level of innovation as yours SBD would have been more priced than bitcoin seriously speaking

Create a promotion and share ads for dLive and dSound!!!

I think that will be great.

Thanks for this another awesome contest @jerrybanfield! Will definitely join. 😊


@appleskie @jerrybanfield is Very Well Working Steemit And Helping Steemit users @dlive dsounds user

What would we do without you, Jerry?

this is exactly what I was thinking about. I have been doing outreach and got 2 youtubers to give it a try. So far the jury is still out. Both find Dlive a bit clunky but I've explained they are early adopters and there will be some rough patches.

Nice! any day I'll smoke and test the d-sound! In the meantime I'm learning here! peace and love!


There would also need to be a time schedule for when the clips are streamed on @dlive and @dsound to ensure that people set out time for it rather than just streaming at arbitrary times of the day.

Always keeping us learning on steemit. Nice idea

Definitely a great idea! I hope other whales will join this idea and I'm sure you guys with the support of @dsound and @dlive will make something crazy out from this idea. :)

An amazing job


Yes my friend he is amazing job

Really good plans for promotions, hopefully, you won't be doing this on your own, it will be a lot to give for sure!

@jerrybanfield I'm really your fan Your such Greatful Work on steemit YouTube etc I will very try your resteem My Articals, your very helpful For audience I hope you will one time Check My Articals thank you.

I think this would be a great read to get musicians involved… I am trying to do this on my own considering my profession and connections. Not only that, but musicians carry a lot of influence and if this got in front of the right people it could have a profound affect in the growth of all the platforms. Very interested for more info!


AJ thank you very much for your feedback about the contest which has helped me have hope we can do it!

i up voted ,resteem and followed

Nice one @jerrybanfield
Please my entry to the contest wasn't addressed
Thanks and I pray for more strength to help the steemit community with nice contest as such
Thumbs up👍

Just started following you Jerry. Your information has been very helpful. Just a few Steemit days in.... I guess I'm called a minnow? Could be worse.

Please upvote me mister

I think it’s a great idea to run a contest to promote these cool new extensions of the Steemit community, and I would definitely participate for whatever prize. BUT I think a cool prize would be instead of a one time upvote or one time transfer of SBD to have a contest winner get plugged into a whale like yours upvoter! Maybe it’s for a month or a limited time, but a lot of us work hard and barely make anything on our posts. You guys can really change someone’s life with your regular upvote! Something to ponder :)

Wow! I just saw some vids about you on Youtube. You're truly a star....it's an honour to meet you. I've followed you already. ...keep up the good work sir. Please, can you kindly go through my blog, whenever you have to time. I will truly appreciate it. I'm still very new here, just 2 weeks old, but I'm ready to learn from men like you.


@jerrybanfield, this is really cool and a welcome development. It's quite a creative and innovative idea. Bravo.

Hi @jerrybanfield i am new steemian .Can you help me grw my blog by upvoting or resteeming maybe . any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

Hlw jerry banfield I am following you long time
Also I watched all your YouTube videos
You are awesome man.. Thanks for helping us ☺️

I am @aswad from aceh Indonesia. I am so happy to be able to make you my witness. And I will always support any of your programs.

I am @lativa from Aceh. I am so happy to be able to make you my witness. And I will always support any of your programs.

To lessen the stress from you, i would suggest the contest be in writing and practical use of those platforms by contest participants.

Participants should write about the how the platforms work, how to use it, ways it could be improved upon, why it should be used and get their write-ups resteemed and upvoted to encourage more writers.

By doing this thousands of Steem users will get to know about this platforms and possibility start using them.

I love your work here on steemit.

God bless you @jerrybanfield