How to Determine the True Value of a Cryptocurrency? TJBS #1!

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We determine the true value of a cryptocurrency by how many of us are actually using it because users are what provide the value for all of the top companies and applications in the world. Cryptocurrencies with a high market cap and a small amount of users are the worst potential investments while those with many users and lesser valuation are the best opportunities to not only earn a return but also participate and build the community! Thank you @glitterfart for showing me the data I use for this at

This is the first question I am answering live during episode #1 of The Jerry Banfield Show which I am abbreviating TJBS. Will we enjoy questions and answers together while making music during episode #1 of The Jerry Banfield Show because this simple format might help us interact best?

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Music Studio!

I love music and the show takes place in my music studio! Listening to instrumental music like this is fun because the sounds stimulate the mind and at the same time provide a rest from our world of constant talking. Tomas George with digital music masters at helped me discover this and gave me the information, confidence, and mentor I needed to produce music with no experience starting in 2017. Tomas recommended I listen to Deadmau5 who has become my teacher in making trance music that helps me relax, play, dance, and reconnect with my divinity when my soul feels lost in fear and future.

All of my music is Creative Commons Zero or CC0 meaning you are welcome to do anything with any song without any need to mention me. For example, you are welcome to play this in a live stream, as background music in a video, etc.

Jerry Banfield

My live stream is at DLive

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Good stuff ! Thanks for posting

Quite fantastic

So does that mean Ripple coin which has high market cap with low users should be invested?

What's the bestcoin?
Please assist a novice

Your CC0 license is such a good idea; I wish more people would realize how giving to a community is so much more powerful than demanding payback. Payback usually comes on its own. 😃


Maybe it's his great way to make people listen his music!?


Well said @geke.
Truly concur with you, selfless giving really portrays the true patriots in a platform, and such people usually attain the zenith of their goal in shorter time.
The spirit of giving really works.


I like it a lot! that's why I follow you...I always find your posts refreshful and immaculately clean of the contrived eagerness of some Steemit advocates and honestly filled with genuine enthusiasm. I also appreciate the deeper, more open-minded and philosophical way you look at things and your passion for truth.

The number of sales and purchases can determine a cryptocurrency, together with the price of bitcoin

Hello @jerrybanfield, love your work! I'm trying to reach you with this comment...
I have done a proposal about Steem growth.
Would love to have some feedback from you and @budget.

I have project called GUIA DO STEEMIT (Steem Guide).

It is a series of videos and articles to help de Brazilian and Portuguese community here on Steemit and more importantly, to bring more people to Steemit.

I'm really committed to this mission.

I would be so happy if you took some time to read my budget proposal post:

Hoping you will see this comment...
Cheers, with love <3

Love your content


wow the block'tivity website is really useful and steem in number 1 thanks for the link!

I always find your posts useful thanks for sharing


I know right :)

Absolutely agree. The rate of growth and addition of new users is the nest metric to discern the medium and long term value of a user-based asset; including even Bitcoins.

I posted about this using some math-based derivations in a paper some months ago part of which was summarized here:

@jerrybanfield I posted an educational piece here after a few newbies that got encouraged into crypto fell for the non-fundamental hype that passes for analysis these days. Would appreciate you take on it:

Economic equilibrium, where supply and demand are balanced.

Currently crypto-currency markets are quite illiquid. This makes the price of bitcoin and other cryptos fluctuate a lot. The uncertainty around them does not help either. Regulation, technical challenges, reputational issues and other factors make the supply and demand unpredictable.

Based on what does the price go up or down? I would say it is based on people's expectations. If they expect the price of bitcoin to increase due to a utility increase over time (more merchants accept it, transaction volume grows, there is a larger ecosystem of developers building on top of it...) there will be a rise on demand, and assuming that the supply does not increase in the same proportion, the price will go up. On the contrary, if the utility decreases (mobile platforms block crypto apps, technical issues arise, governments ban them, exchange markets get shut down...) the demand will decrease, the supply will increase (more people willing to sell) and the price will go down.

In the long term their value will be determined by their utility (adoption by merchants and other users, significant advantages with respect to other forms of payment...), liquidity (exchange markets, interchangeability with other forms of value...) and trust (reputation, regulation, adoption by trusted institutions...).

kinda reminds me of mario for some reason

Truly, Cryptocurrencies with a high market cap and a small amount of users are the worst potential investments .And indeed ,those with many users and lesser valuation are the best opportunities to not only earn a return but also participate and build the community! .thanks for this great insight about how to choose area of investment.i really appreciate.

Also, cryptocurrencies with high number of merchants accepting it for exchange of goods or services like bitcion, eth, and so on are good coin

wow good post

Thank you suggestions and informasion

Interesting idea jerry i like you post and the sound track your made with be nice if you make tournament for a coin pick.too see which coin has a great community

is it possible to listen you on discord channel also?

your new live show will be a hit , when you say true value , can somone help me in understanding about why the value of steem swings with that of BTC.
like is there any correlation or my numbers game is week @jerrybanfield

Thank you very much for the information. Good post @jerrybanfield.. can you help me follow and vote me @hendrimirza

So does this mean that the more the platform upvotes occur the more STEEM will be valued? Since that means there are more transactions taking place?

Thanks for sharing this @jerrybanfield. I generally apply microeconomics to determine intrinsic value.. Not sure if it's something you're hugely interested in, but I'm working on a big article about it (more than 15 A4 pages), I was planning to charge for it but I may share it on Steemit if there is enough of an audience.


Luke as I answered in the live stream I would love to see this on Steem and many of us will be happy to upvote it!


Thanks Jerry, apologies I actually had to leave the live stream as I had some work to do. I'll start thinking about what I will share about it - I might release it in chunks, as I'll have to consult my colleague that I'm working on it with! I'm happy to answer any questions that anyone has in the meantime, Discord is the best place to find me @lukebrn#3369.

At the moment I'm working on getting delegations and building up money for the bloggers hub idea I have for the SSI, but it's definitely something I'll work on over the coming weeks!

Am hoping to learn more about the true values of cryptocurrency in your coming TJBS! Thanks for sharing!

i like your post. i wait for your next post carry @bijoy123

Steemit present us the best opportunities for us in the cryptoverse, imagine with zero investment, now we are in, we see the need to invest time, money (powering up) and resources in it as you top steemian are doing it to keep the steemit blockchain thriving

those with many users and lesser valuation are the best opportunities to not only earn a return but also participate and build the community!

Hey, I stream PUBG :), make sure to follow, I play tomorrow

nice post

Hey there!

A quick hello and thanks for the sbd and support via your supernatural writing contest.

Wondering how you ever get time to sleep?!



Hello @jerrybanfield

Thank you once again for being a worthy coach!

Cryptocurrencies with a high market cap and a small amount of users are the worst potential investments while those with many users and lesser valuation are the best opportunities to not only earn a return but also participate and build the community!

This is very logically sound. What about the total amount of coin ever to be produced? Does it have any influence on whether a Crypto is good or not?

@eurogee, the founder of @euronation community

And... "active users" are better than just "users." that's why I always keep an eye on how many "active users" of Steemit there are, not just on how many accounts have been created...

I just joined, what ICO did you invest in?

I agree with you about ICOs

your poor ears...

Dance Jerry Dance!

help me. I do not have any.

yes how do witnesses work exactly? and does voting for one count as an upvote?

Too bad dsound & dtube leech your rewards

DLive 100% Good to have you here Jerry :D

how do you feel in front of the camera do you get nervous still?

I watched your live

Hit you up with an upvote & follow, in return I'll use your music ;)

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Thank you @jerrybanfield, this is very useful information after all


Streaming isn't too hard, everyone on Steemit is friendly

i rock a budget model hp laptop nearing the end of its life

amazing dlive music post thank for shearing

Ahaha okay makes sense why you can't stream 😓

ive been using steem as a "form of savings" to try and get something a bit more professional grade.

jerry, how much of your equipment did you buy with steem?

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kinda reminds me of mario for some reason

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Exactly what I said he barely upvotes comments


I think all his upvotes go to his bot, meaning they are given out by his bot. That's my impression anyway.

80's techno...

Lately, it is very important to learn to estimate the true value of cryptocurrencies. The recent hype can make some of us invest in coins that don't have either any intrinsic value or even a medium-term growth potential. Hope that many rash investors learn this from @jerrybanfield before investing in the "hottest" coins :)

how would i go about funding my steem account with steem generated from another site, like eobot for example?

I love reading your publication weekly. since I learn a lot, good in my personal opinion. It must be established, a value according to supply and demand

are you high?!!!

I'm new to this whole world of crypto currency, and have to tell you i find the whole thing very confusing, I've been researching, but I guess I'm a little slow, because i still find it very hard to process... Don't suppose you'd be interested in writing a set of posts, something like, Crypto Currency for the learning Impaired, would you? :)
As to music, I'm glad you have found something you truly love, I love music as well, and in my younger years spent a great deal of time in a band.

alien tech sounding

thank you for the suggestion and information and music post.

did you just pull a "pewdiepie"? when you leave and come back to kill time? hahaha jkjk

XD i was just pulling your leg, but what would happen if youtube mega names all suddenly switched to dlive and dtube? how do you suppose that would affect the steem value?

even with the adpocolypse?

youd think with all that going on theyd be more likely to scope out new outlets with incentives

youd think with all that going on theyd be more likely to scope out new outlets with incentives

sorry for double posts, it acted up

i have to ask, have you ever gotten so excited over a song you almost broke something in your setup? XD

Thank you for sharing ..i think it will be very helpful for all steemians.

id upvote that lol

why are we awarded sbd to buy steem with? why not get the steem directly without the need for a middle token?

The answer says it all. The more currency users, the higher the value in the market. Is just like the law of Demand and Supply.
I like that name, The Jerry banfield show. it will get popular like the Kim show

\o/ Hello 😝

excellent post.......i like your every post..............

well played!

name it Odyssey

TechnoCoin, ​Steem beats, Shots of Steem, I am Fugly for the name?

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very this is useful tricks how to get the right coin values and also I found that steem is classified number 1 , that sounds good for holding it for long term , isn't it ?and what price could reach on next December bro @jerrybanfield

Hey Jerry whats up with dlive?

thanks for being engaging jerry props.

Will definitely check your website out. Would like to learn a thing or two from you @jerrybanfield

Video doesn't work on Dlive
Wanted to watch it buy says not available because of broadcast error.

Dear Jerry, you barely upvote or respond to comments made when you post. Why is this so?

good content! :D like / followback my dlives stream too! live NOW

Now a days crypto is going up and down

Thank you Jerry for sharing @glitterfart's link to Would never have found it myself.