My 129 days experience on D.Tube.

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I had no time to write a lot since I was working on D.Tube but today I will take the time to share my 129 days experience on D.Tube with you all. I had to do it since I left the team and some people ask me what happened.

Everything started when @steeminator3000 came to me to ask if I was interested to work as UI/UX Designer on D.Tube. I made some design for him before that and we had a good feeling (being turkish for both of us helped a bit). I was working on my side to bring SteemFire, a crossplatform app based on xamarin and I had no doubt about leaving it to join DTube.
If someone is interested, I can share the source; it includes ditch, an mvvm model and some basic implementation like searching and displaying users posts. It's a solid base for everyone who wants to start with xamarin and steem.

Then, I met heimindanger or Adrien. I think that most of you already know him. He explained me what he did, from where he came, and if I could help him to bring the UI/UX on D.Tube to another level. I was okey and we started to work on D.Tube with a new branch.
In my opinion, I did it with success in the short time I had, including the fact that sometimes if we wasn't coding, it was just meaning we are sleeping. Actually, I mostly worked with heimindanger.

I'm a UI/UX, in IT domain since I'm young, I'm used to work with lot of technologies but especially with XAML and C# and I also have some skills concerning web developement with 10 years joomla/wordpress in my bag.

I couldn't update my designer page too much but there are some of my old works that you can check below :

And even if D.Tube team is using C# for the uploader (great job done by superkoala and explained here, IPFS for the hosting, 99% of the application is written in Javascript,HTLM,CSS. So, I discovered the JS with the help of heimindanger and I noticed he was a good teacher. Now, I can do my own callbacks and anything else I need to do.

He also pushed me to use Linux and I was pretty lost at the beginning because I had no real experiences except some 200-300 Ubuntu installations as voluntary for an assocation, but it was very efficient when I was used to work with. Unfortunetaly, I had to keep a Windows to be able to make something with adobe suite. And a month ago, my pc burned without any apparent reason. Forcing me to work from a laptop which isn't really comfortable with my desk, I keep windows now but I can only be thankfull for @heimindanger who made me re-discovering Linux with i3 manjaro.

So what I did on DTube in 129 days ?


The branding :

It was really hard to replace the old logo with a new one who doesn't look like Youtube, Dlive or something else, of one the constraint was to keep the red triangle, but with some effort and several trials (remember the survey on discord), I have found something which keep the red triangle bringing the D.Tube name into the logo. It can evolve with time and I'm pretty sure it won't lose its hype. I'm really glad to see most of users like it and put it in their content. If you don't have it don't hesitate to pick it here !

The application :

Do you remember that ?

And how it looks like now ?

Yes, when there is someone who works on UI/UX, there is obviously much possibility and more creativity for making a platform greater. Even if I had some constraint about the UI, as you guys know and as D.Tube had not hidden it, we focused to reproduce the youtube experience on D.Tube. Now, The website looks pretty good and most of the needs are done.


I started by implementing a slider for the homepage, instead of scroll bars. First, I have found slick, but with time I changed it for owl.carousel which is really faster. I don't know if someone noticed it except us ? Maybe not. Anyway the homepage looks fine now.

The sidebar :

It made me discovering semantic-ui which is a good framework to handle the UI with less efforts. It's starting to be very usefull and fully featured by now.

New look for the channel :

Channel wasn't displaying any informations about his owner, except his videos. Now users can see some usefull informations with tabs. In my opinion it even looks better then many other platforms and the next update will bring a new feature which I have done (but I wont spoil it !). Displaying these informations made me learn a bit more about steemjs and steem data.

Lazy loading for sliders :

To keep the website readable for low connections.

The watch later feature :

By the way it was a cool way to learn mongodb in meteor.

Displaying time from a video :

A basic but needed feature which helped me to deepen my knowledge concerning momentjs.

Displaying show less :

To make a long description shorter. I first tried CSS, but finally I did it with js as a developer has to.

Displaying tags :

Tags were not used and I gave an efficient way to navigate with them.

Copy the link or the embed code :

A simple way to copy link/embed just with a click : it works good but I noticed on some devices that it buggs.

There are also some features I made but I won't say more about it since they are not used at the moment.

You probably noticed the coherence between all videos on the website. Sometimes they are shown vertically, sometimes horizontally and all of that is depending on your screen resolution and your device. Since heimindanger and superkoala made the uploader handling thumbnails, videos looks even greater on D.Tube.

About the resolution, you guys probably noticed that D.Tube is now cool on most of the browsers or devices. Basically, I had to create new templates and some css less as well to handle everything. Templating can be sometimes most interesting than playing with css, and I'm used to it with User Controls on WPF and UWP.

The player :

As you guys know, D.Tube have a strong player based on videojs which is maintained by the team. First of all, I made a new design for it which looks good on most of browsers/devices. But do you remember when the video wasn't playing and you had to wait like 30 seconds to watch a video ? If you are an old user, your answer will be yes. With my little experience in JS I managed to sort how to play videos even faster and make them start in a sec for most of them (probably one of my best contribution to D.Tube). I have also put the video preview to show a thumbnail if you guys are hovering the timebar, hotkeys,and subtitle features, which will probably come soon.

The about page :

@mkt made the old about page but with our evolution, we had to build a new page as you can see here :
I kept some of mkt's code and built a new About page with it, which reflects the new branding of D.Tube, with some new sections including the mediakit.

Yes, we made D.Tube well (even updates look better) and it will probably looks better in future given that it's an app which is born to success.

It was a great experience and I met many people inside and outside D.Tube. I helped them when I had the time and I'm glad to see that they use well my contribution.

Most of you will probably ask why I'm leaving the team, but that's not my own choice. There are some decisions which not corresponding to my personnality and to be honest, I have to pay my rent and my loans. In that sense, if there's not other incomes, I'm not able to continue to work without always borrowing money from my friends. By the way, I'm not blaming heimindanger for it, because he never said when and how much we will be paid, he promised tokens, nothing more. It seems like he really knows what he does. It's just life, and sometimes everything doesn't work as you expect.

Furthermore, as I'm used to work with legit and organized companys, it was a good experience to me to work with such a team. It will probably help me in future to take better decisions if I even have to work with someone else of the community.

After my post, I suggest you all to read this :

For me it's a new beginning! I will start to work again for my own company and my own customers, and I'm already working on a new project during my free time with the hope to bring something new on the community, based on all my experiences. But first of all, it will correspond to my humanistic ideologies. So, this is not a binary decision in the way that I just selected some colors between a lot of from a rainbow.

Finally, I'm not leaving D.Tube without saying thank you to @heimindanger and the rest of the team (especially a big thank for @Nannal). I wish you all the success you deserve and there is no doubt you guys seem to deserve a lot.
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Bro, you did much more of what a person can do for such a huge project. You litterally crossed the line through your peerless determination and I could say it, as a person who lives with you and who could see it up close. You were anchored in your ideas and no one could really see as I did, how you worked hard in every sense of the word. I've always admired your devotion for what you trust. I'm glad to have a brother who has been consistently progressing by his own strength under his power. This is merit that should be retained and I won't hide that I'm always telling people about your infinite power that pushes you further and further! You are a humble genius man :) I love the way you are, the way you success, the way you're acting and I'll always support you for all of your decisions, as a little lover sister, but mostly because you deserve it. You didn't sleep well, you didn't eat well, you didn't go outside, you just went away from your bedroom for toilets or to eat with us (sometimes, because I remember a lot of dinners without you because you were focused on Dtube stuff). Hope this experience added you what it had to, for making your big knowledge a little bigger. I know you will crush with new projects and your name will be, one day, in somewhere that I always expected. Love you. Öpücük !


What a lovely comment from a lovely sister. Tbh I was not far from crying when I read it.
As you know I m always working to bring things upper and trying to change the world and people in a good way...
Sorry I missed some dinners (maybe a lot)... but it was for everyone's sake.
Love you too <3 You really deserve a big hug after this!

You've done so many awesome things, High touch. Thanks for the huge overhaul on DTube, I'm looking forward to your future posts


Thank you bro,
You do not know it but it motivated me to see you using D.Tube.
We keep in touch!


Defintely! Keep rapping about them polar bears haha


Haha! next time I will do it with a dedicate for ya ;)


hahaha yes!

You did a great job!
Besides that thank you very much for your support and good luck
with your own company!


I did my best with what I had in my hands! Nothing less nothing more. Thank you very much @andyjaypowell for you support aswell.

I'm impressed with the work you've brought to Dtube, I think users will thank you very much for all these new features you've improved, its nice and good continuation on the projects you will be working on. :D


Thank you!
It was a great experience, but above all I m really proud to hear person as you, who like what I have done. Thank you for you support bro.

I am amazed from your work dear! Thank you for all of your contribution and making Dtube an amazing place for people who like to share their lifestyle like me!

Every experience is amazing of course, and in everything there is something to learn, so I want to know why this happened exactly (sorry for that)
"And a month ago, my pc burned without any apparent reason". ?!

Every begging has its own end but it doesn't mean that it is the end, you already chose your path,

I wish you a lot of success in your company, and for the new upcoming project, I am sure that it will be something amazing where the community will adore it;)

"I just selected some colors between a lot of from a rainbow."
I love this quote! Learnt something new from you,

Cheers dear.


@enisshkurti, thank you.
Yeah we have to learn to be better, nothing more. And I m pretty lucky because I m learning fast.
My pc burned probably because of a spider or a bug... I m not sure to be honest, but at least my disks are safe :)
Thank you again and I m glad you enjoyed it.
See you soon!

Possibly your work will go down as some of the most disruptive improvements in blockchain history.. I will of course be looking forward to all of your future projects!

Thank You so Much @hightouch.


Ahhh :) Thank you but I didnt built D.Tube, all the honor of creating D.Tube goes to heimindanger. I just helped him to deliver a good experience to all Steemians and future DTubers.

By the way, since I dont have any access to commits I cant give more detail about what I did, but I can say this is like the half part of my work on DTube.

I cant forget your video about D.Tube before the 0.5 update and how it make me laugh.
Thank you for your great support @maneki-nelo. The future will be definitely bright.

You did so much for the platform and I didn't even know about all of it until this post. Spending more than four months for this project must have costed you a lot of energy but it paid out... well, at least for the users.
I wish you the very best for your future and I want to thank you so much for work. I hope DTube continues to improve over time even without your cooperation.


Yes it was not necessarily clear in the updates, knowing that each member of the team has different skills and finally I did a lot of code for a designer.

I'm glad it paid for the users, even though I have about like 2000 steems of debts today, it's nothing compared to the excitement and appreciation, not only of new users, but also DTubers who have been there for a while.

I have no doubt about the future evolution of D.Tube, the biggest things are done.

A big Thanks again for your support @liveyourdream, you're a killer!

interesting journey you had with it you deserve the success you have done all the hard work


It was really interesting and I wont regret it.
But obviously I wish to be able to get what I deserve with my next project and I will work harder in that way.
Thank you ;)

@Hightouch, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all the hard work you have done to improve the DTube interface and experience. Your work has made such a difference. I and all the @dtubedaily crew are just thankful we had an opportunity to interact with you and get to know you just a bit through discord. Thank you for allowing us to participate in your world just a little bit. You are very much appreciated.


Yeah sometimes small things can do big differences.
But dont invert the roles, it's to me to be thankfull, even if I dont come too much on your discord, you are always nice to me (and to each others), and everytime its a pleasure to see or to talk to you guys.
Thank you @captainbob and the @dtubedaily crew!

Seriously mate you have done so much for Dtube and the blockchain overall. I have zero, and I do mean ZERO knowledge of programming, but I do know systems and more importantly, what works. Your changes have made life here a lot easier and fluid!! Thank you doesn’t go far enough.
I know there’s a team behind everything, but just wanted to say thank you.


I m glad to hear that, and it's enough for me if I consider the amount of people which (will) take benefit of my work.
But yeah, giving a bad user experience or leaving people wait some minutes for a video to play wasnt something that I could let be :D
Thank you @adventuroussoul, for me and for the D.Tube team.

Postu okumaya başlayınca bir an hiç bitmeyecek sandım. Ama benim incelemem bile o kadar sürdüyse, kim bilir sen bu postu hazırlamak için ne kadar uğraşmışsındır. Zaten DTube için neler yaptığını herkes biliyor. Veda da sana yakışan bir veda olmuş.

Yeni projende başarılı olacağını biliyorum. Çünkü sen bunu hakediyorsun. :D


Baya kisalttim bide, iki kati mi neydi.
Yorumun icin tesekkur ederim, ve evet, artik DTube icin ne yaptigimi ister istemez herkes biliyor.

What a great experience you had, you are definitely creating some great content here always amazing to see your post i always look forward to it :)


Yeah totaly. I learned a lot and not only as tech. but also as human.
Thank you @blazing. I know you are always here to support me even if we dont talk too many.

Goodluck in your new project hightouch abi

the platform needs content creators like you who make these platform the best awesome content you create always


We need almost everyone, developers; creators, commercial, users... to make this platform better day by day!
Thank you ;)

I dont know why i always have problems with dtube. lol. Sometimes I cant access dtube site (may be because I’m in vietnam 😂). And cant upload video because of IPFS error. I dont even know what it is. But when i send video for my friend to upload. It’s totally fine. (Maybe I’m bad luck.)Lol
Anyway, you really did great job 💌💌💌


Hmm there is still some issues. I suggest you to wait next updates to make a new try.

Thank you @hanggggbeeee :)

you are the genius behind it hat's off man speechless


Na I dont pretend to be a genius, only a smart hardworker with some skills ;) But thank you!

The work you have done and your work are great. I wish you success in your next projects.


Thank you, my wish is always to bring something to (pre)serve the community.


We trust you and we are excitedly waiting.

bro tu as fais un travail remarquable, tu ne peux qu'être fier de toi !!! Ton entreprise ne peut qu'être de la bombe avec l'acharnement que tu as de faire les choses bien et de trouver une solution à chaque problème !!! Respect Bro et ne loupe plus les repas !!!


Oui ça devrait bien se passer, j'ai pas de doutes la dessus.
Haha oui je vais essayer :)
Merci copain et à bientôt!

@hightouch Your contribution to this community by helping create something special on the DTube platform is formidable.

I can not thank you enough and look forward to seeing what other great things you do :)


Seeing you to use DTube as you do it is the best thank I can have.

Thank you again, and keep in wait for a big news :)


:) Dtube is my life!

I will wait in anticipation :)

That explains why the 0.7 isn't here yet :( buuu


It will probably come soon! Dont worry about that.

Merci l'ami pour tout le travail fourni. Hate de voir la suite de tes avantures.


Merci copain.
Je peux déjà te dire que tu vas pas être déçu par la suite !

Hello, Hightouch ! You did a really good job for dtube and i think that you learned a lot of things though this project.
Anyway, when a door closes, a window opens, i am sure that you have a new opportunity to show at this community what you can do for them and what you did. Wish you the best for you own project.
And don’t forget « Together we are going forth »


Hi Shin,
Yeah I learned a lot, and sometimes its better to leave and take a new road.
Thank you for your support bro.

Merci à toi pour ta contribution et les quelques mois passés ensemble. Merci aussi pour le remerciement sur mon travail. Les débuts d'un projet sont toujours difficiles, je te souhaite pleins de nouvelles choses dans tes autres projets


C'est tout naturel vu le boulot accompli, même si on a pas vraiment eu le temps de bosser ensemble j'ai pu voir que tu gérais ton sujet.
Oui c'est pas toujours évident mais c'est loin d'être une finalité ou une fatalité.
Je te souhaite également bonne continuation. Merci copain.

Good work! ...Wishing you all the best for the future!


Thank you!
The future is ours and resplendent!

Bon il m'auras fallu du temps pour lire l'article ^^ en tout cas je te dis bravo pour le boulot fait , bonne continuation et bonne chance pour le projet que tu dvlp en ce moment ^^


L'essentiel c'est d'avoir pris le temps de lire.
Et bonne continuation à toi également!

Thanks dear @hightouch it's good I am impressed .

Wowwww!! Very good work