Steem Monsters - Full Reading of @beeyou's Selenia Sky's story

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STEEM MONSTERS: Full reading of Selenia Sky:

Her world, Her love, Her story

The following is a full reading of the fan fiction story written by @beeyou. We were all so incredibly impressed that this was her very first attempt at writing fiction! I was privileged to read this over 2 episodes of @littlescribe's and @corsucate's FanFiction show! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed reading! All the profits from this post will go back to the beeyouuuuuutiful @beeyou! :)

To read @beeyou's story online, please click on THIS LINK.

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Aww @dreemsteem, thank you for doing a full reading of my story! It was beautifully read. You did such an awesome job, as you did with the fanfiction reading. I love it. ❤️

I saw you threw your name into the hat for the steemmonsters voice actors. I hope you get a role!!

Thanks again @dreemsteem. Now I can refer others to read or listen here if they want to know how the storyline began. You're such a sweetie. :)


Yeah! :) It would be fun to get a role! :) I'm glad that we got a full recording of it! It was too beautiful of a story to not have in one place. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! (Yes - I still got emotional on THIS reading too - how are you doing that to me every time? hehehehe)

Thanks for the lovely comment! It's been fun "partnering" with you! :)


Remember, I'm calling dibs for you to do my Selenia reading if the storyline continues. You can also do Adelaine too. ;)

Your reading expressed the emotions of the story very well. Crossing fingers that you will get a voice actor (actress) role!


hehehhe you got it! :)

Amazing! I just listened to this as my bedtime story. Absolutely beautiful reading @dreemsteem! I am in tears here. Beautifully written and beautifully read!

E x



oh love!!!!!!!! :) (i was too - could you tell? i cry every time i get to that part! hahahahaha) @beeyou did a great job expressing all that emotion in her words!!!! just really loved it!

Thank you for the tip hehehehe i love @tipu hehehe

Lovely, gonna bookmark this🤗😎


oooooooh! :)
Well thank you, darlin'

<3 (p.s. i auditioned to be the official voice for her! i'll let you know if i get it!!!)


Thanks so much!!!! it was a pleasure to read such beautiful writing! <3

Caught this on a @beeyou resteem.
I thought to listen to catch up before I dived into her latest installment. It was a beautiful reading of a lovely story.

Thank you ladies! ❤️


Thanks so much!!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! I tried to do my best expressing all the emotion she made me feel during the reading of it! :)

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great work @dreemsteem... you read really well.


Thank you @shadowspub!!! :)
It was a wonderful story to read!

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Thanks so much!!!! 😊