Update | v0.5.0: Platform Updates, Help Center, DLive Shop!

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Welcome to another update of DLive.io!
This time we are coming at you with three big and exciting announcements!
To start off, DLive had an update v0.5.0, we launched an official DLive merchandise store and a new Help Center with much more information and a ticketing system!
For more details continue reading the post.
We also announced an exciting new campaign revolving around Sports that you can check out here and also make sure you go and look at the DLiveStars Results #5.


Platform Update

DLive has been updated again, adding in more functions to make your experience with DLive even better.
We are also happy to announce that the compatibility issues on Safari and Firefox have been fixed.

Full details of the update here:

  • Added Help Center - https://help.dlive.io/
  • Added DLive Shop - http://shop.dlive.io/
  • Added pop-up live chat room
  • Simplified “Upload Video” and “Go Live” process, the post on Steemit will be automatically created when you go live.
  • Compatibility issues for Safari and Firefox users have been fixed.
  • Optimized SEO performance, all videos on DLive can be searched on Google
  • Other miscellaneous, major bugs fixed
  • Added “Help Center” function in the “Go Live” and “Upload Video” process in the bottom right corner


New Help Center

The DLive team has been working around the clock to serve you, the community, better.
We strive to offer the best user experience on the Steem blockchain.
With that user experience comes the launch of our new Help Center.


These are a few of the things that you will find in the Help Center:

  1. Information about DLive and STEEM.
  2. Getting Started: Guides on Setting Up Your First Broadcast and Uploading Videos.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions: The Community and Content Teams have gathered the FAQ's and published them in the Help Center.
  4. Support: We have added the feature to report bug's and provide feedback right on the Help Center. If you are already using Discord for this, keep it up.
  5. Community Created Guides and Tutorials: We did a mini launch of our Help Center a few months back, with the help of the community. Thank you to everyone who submitted guides and tutorials. They can all be found in this section now.
  6. DLive Brand Downloads: The DLive Brand Resources and Overlays.
    We hope that everyone will read our DLive Community Rules when they have a chance.

The Help Center can be found on the navigation bar on the homepage help1.png


New DLive Shop

We are proud to announce our official DLive Shop for all of your DLive merchandise needs! Show off your DLive spirit with official DLive shirts, mugs and even aprons.


Full details on the store page here:

  • Clothes for men, women, kids and babies
  • We have t-shirts, tank-tops, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, aprons, and more
  • Clothes are offered in various DLive logo designs
  • Women sizes offered range from S to 2XL
  • Men sizes range from S to 5XL
  • Store page offers a “size chart” to figure out the best size for you
  • Clothes are offered in an assortment of colors
  • We ship internationally
  • Other items offered such as water bottles, mugs, phone cases, mouse pads, bags, and more!



fb.png twitter.png discord.png

Visit the DLive website!


That are some very exciting updates, great work dlive! Was browsing through the shop to see what's on there and noticed that you don't accept cryptos as payment. Is that something you might add in the future ?

I would gladly get something of the shop if that was the case, because I don't use traditional payment options as much as I can and I'm sure there are many more like minded people here. Upped for visibility in hopes to get a reply.

Solid suggestion @runicar :D

Thanks jimmy :)

They are using Spreadshirt as a supplier and they handle all the transactions so until Spreadshirt starts accepting cryptocurrency, I assume you'll have to pay the traditional way.

Damn, so it will most likely never happen.

Time to resteem and go shopping at the DLive shop! We are very grateful for all the @dlive team do to allow us to live stream on Steem and appreciate the new update!

Dank Swag! Congrats you guys! One suggestion, please make the "LIVE" and "Video" tabs collapsible, It's a struggle sometimes to scroll down just to look at the videos.

Thank you for the suggestion @reseller, we are working on implementing this in our future releases.

Congrats, you made the @dlive #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below

I'm proud to support the DLive platform by purchasing some merch.

Hopefully it will make it to me in time for the Austin Steemit Meetup. If not, I look forward to wearing it on stream. Here's what I got:

looking dang good :)

Thanks for the exciting update :)

Yo, i know its not really easy but can dliveshop can get a maestro into payment ways, cause i have Maestro and i really want one Premuim shirt.

Dlive Shop?

Yes please!

Going right now to order a tshirt. Loving the new features especially the help desk but the merchandise....That's my thing :)

Awesome news!

Cant fault this platform at all , the team is amazing and they do a great job at keeping us streaming and making the service tip top at all times , all i can say is thanks and keep up the great work you guys are doing.

Amazing things going on by @dlive Hmmmmm interesting

happy day, excellent and very good update of DLive, thanks for sharing

Great infirmation thank you

your post best (dlive)thanks

Good to see Dlive getting bigger and bigger! #DLive4Ever

i live in vietnam. i want buy Clothes for men

Yes you can buy our merch. Shipping is also supported for vietnam.

oke i will look

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to stream today :D


The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

I've scrolled through your comment history and at last count, you have posted this identical comment on 133 different posts. You know there's a word for that, don't you? There are also consequences if someone with a higher rep score, flags you, which they should.

Thanks for your video

that's interesting, as a newcomer it seems like I should try it and join DLive.
greetings from aceh, indonesia

Awesome that you guys made a some merch. I will definitely order t-shirt or a hoodie to stream in them!

most excellent!! thanks guys <333

Soon i want to start streaming on DLive aswell :)

gotta just get better equipment

Yeah would be nice if we see you on DLive.

Woa! Really is interesting. Thank @dlive very much.

Why can not the products be paid with Steem and Sbd ?, if it is assumed that this Social Network has its own currency and therefore is commercially valid

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

Great work since I will visit the shop right away the t shirt I like lg

It would be great for a future to accept SBD to buy the polo @dlive

Yea I would definitely want a t-shirt with Dlive, atleast then you will upvote 😂

to be able to do high quality sterams in europe as well would be awsome. Cant stream with a higher bit rate than 1900

Was going to stream today... should be interesting. Good job Team.

Nice upgrade !

Thanks for sharing info about Dlive.

Upvoted and followed me!!!!

sweet update guys. thanks for your hard work!

Very nicee :)

So all I have to do for streaming my PC games is use OBS?

Yeah, most people use OBS but there are other programs to use. As long as it supports RTMP

I thought Dlive only supported OBS.

You can use what ever you want to stream but we give the most technical support for obs.

OK, good to know!

Excellent update! I'm going to have to grab some tees :)

DLive tee's are the only thing that can make your stream better :P

You asked for it. Despise you!

Great job guys. Keep improving and bringing more and more users to the platform 😁

love the Dlive Shop items :)

Good updates about the Dlive

Solid suggestion @runicar :D

Sometime i want try it

This is the best platform by far and i certainly love using the service , plus everyone is so friendly and the team does a great job at keeping the service running smoothly :)

Great job guys. Keep improving and bringing more and more users to the platform 😁

Thanks for the post.

Happy Steeming.

Looking forward to the continued growth of the dlive community. Thank you for your work!

nice Community Created Guides and Tutorials i like it

This is very good, I love this improvement. I will also get some clothes from your shop on the nearest future

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Might have to pick up a shirt

Am most exicited about the support feature, at least one can now lay complains as soon as they occur... nice upgrade!

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thank you

thank you

very intirsing

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