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Come show your appreciation for being active and celebrating sports!

This campaign is to express one’s appreciation for a sport. This can be any sport you enjoy whether that is football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, etc. This does not include eSports. A suggestion would be to show video footage of playing said sport but is not a requirement. We encourage entries to be original content and we will not accept montages of sport clips.


March 21st - March 27th 12pm CET


  • The video must be a minimum of a 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • The video must be uploaded to DLive.
  • The video must contain the tag DLiveSports.
  • Videos that are not in English require English subtitles.
  • The content author must leave a comment on this post with a link to their entry.
    If all of these requirements are not met, you will not be eligible for an upvote during this campaign.


  • One winner will be chosen and will receive a 20% upvote from DLive.
  • Other selected videos will receive a 1-5% upvote from DLive.


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Visit the DLive website!


Announcement: We are updating the chosen winner reward from 10% to 20%. Thank-you!

Thats a great opportunity :D

tipuvote! 0.17

Here is my new entry for this campaign
Football Night

Hi, i've already uploaded a video of myself while playing football to Dlive, but 3 days ago.. Does it count? @dlive
Football Night <<<<< ------ Here, and Here for another one -------------->>>> Football Night 2 - Goals

Thi is it. Now I have the Idea of showcasing my sports on dlive. Thank you so much Dlive. keep up the Goodwork!

Now I have the Idea of showcasing my sports @dlive. Thank you so much Dlive.

Sport is one of my hobbies 👍

I guess it is time to pull out...

... my HACKYSACK!!!

The Spring is coming... (NO GoT reference)

Artakush burns twigs in the bush...

awesome post(Dlive)thanks

Now that's a healthy way to use dlive! You guys rock. Will see if I can come up with something :D

How can I participate this contest?

All infos are in the dlive post above.

LOL pict hehe

Hey @dlive

Here is my entry :

Why I love Cycling ?


My Video Is At : Dlive

Thank You!

Ooooo. I just started playing basketball again! Maybe I’ll go stream today.

I'm a simple man. I like Sports. Thanks for initiating an active challenge to the community.
And @DLive is my first go-to site to post videos on steem.


@gisi if you see this. PING PONG WITH DUH BOIS!

That's exactly what I was going to post. @gisi PING PONG!

hahaha Dfitness to the mooon

ahahaha yeee I will :)

I might upload a match from last year’s European qualification in Ultimate Frisbee. One of our captains was injured and he filmed one of those matches with quite a funny punkish (the whole footage is really punkish lol) commentary. I would need to translate that, but it might be fun as well as show some competitive Ultimate:)

may we be friends @dlive I really like the post there

Hi, i uploaded a video of myself while Tap Ball Training to Dlive,
@dlive here is my entry


This is my video for the competition: Ping Pong aka Table Tennis pong.jpg

Hi, i uploaded a video of myself while Tap Ball Training to Dlive,
@dlive here is my entry.
I used the kr tag to tell Koreans a lot.

korean ver

Hi, @dlive
I uploaded dlive-video of playing basketball with my friends.
here !!

Finally! An excuse to show off my punching bag skills!
Also, I am having issues with past broadcasts showing up.
I forgot to end one the other day and think that could be the problem but do not know how to resolve the issue.
DLIVE is the future!

It's a very nice initiative to increase the usage of dlive but i will love to ask, we did not receive an up vote from dlive for the Facebook campaign i did, i don't know if there is a reason for that

please check the Tap Ball training dlive-video.
here is the entry

Is a montage okay If it’s just the edited down highlights of myself after streaming?

A montage is okay if it's yourself being recorded. However I would recommend also talking about the sport.

Thanks. How are you seacactus? Been a long time since we talked about VR/AVR. Might be time for another lol. I know I know, I’m tiring, but it’s good stuff, and the next greatest games will descend from vision and world/game design, much more than any revolutionary coding. It was fun talking with you.

Not too bad, yes it has been a while! I Hope all is good with you as well!

Maybe I'm a bit too late with this, but I'm gonna post it anyway.
My ice hockey montage:

Super goals on my dlivesporsts entry;

If you want to transfer any of those guys in your team, I am their Manager let us discuss about the price :D

Hey there... just noticed this wasn't showing up in tag search on dlive:

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