DLiveStar | Winners of DLiveStar #10

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DLive Stars is a fortnightly campaign where users are featured in the spotlight and titled with the renowned status of DLive Star. The winners are rewarded with a 60% upvote but this isn't handed out to just anyone, becoming a DLive Star takes effort and commitment, these users of the community do everything they can to produce high quality content and engage with their audience.





Family, Gamer, Streamer, Technology, Crypto

Rook81 first started livestreaming on DLive 5 months ago, since then Rook has built himself a great audience that always welcome him as soon as he goes online. With a chat that fills up with upvotes & tips, DLive is proud to announce Rook81 as a DLive Star.




Musician, dancer, foodie, outdoor enthusiast and lover of life. Check out @shinebright for my short-form daily posts!

Coruscate is a vlogger, a muscian and everything in between, she's one of DLive's most cherished content creators! She produces her videos with high standard and is always reaching out to the community. Coruscate is an extraordinary member of our DLive community and deserves the DLive Star title.




Youtuber +100k subscribers, On Steemit: Vlogger, Blogger and Gamer :)

Cebula is a celebrity on YouTube with 123k subscribers, and now he's on DLive.io! Cebula streams everyday and never fails to disappoint, he is one of many streamers who never fail to entertain their audiences and has a wide variety of content to please everybody.



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Congrats @rook81, @coruscate and @cebula !!

Thanks Jimmy!

@rook81, @coruscate and @cebula Congrats ! ! !
I hope a day @yasayanoluler Dlivestar :D great joy ! <3

Aww thanks Jimmy!!

Huge Congratulations to All the Winners! Well deserved!!

Tidy, can't thank you enough my man!

Thank you so much @tidylive!!

Wow!! Thank you so much for this, I'm on cloud nine right now!! Congrats to the other winners @coruscate and @cebula!

Shout out to all of my viewers who tune in regularly, thank you guys so so much!! I hope that I continue to improve and put out good content for you guys because I know that people don't have to watch me, they choose to. Without you guys I wouldn't be here <3

Also would like to thank @tidylive, @cheech-oz, @tidos, @jimmylin, @clasicktv, @imjohnnymills and @dlive for taking the time to pop in on my streams and show support, you guys rock! DLive is where I started streaming just a few months ago and I'm proud to call it my home.

Thank you so much, I won't forget this!!!

I'm ALL IN on DLive #StreamOnDlive

WOW!! This is such a huge honor to be included in the ranks of DLive stars!!! Big congrats to @cebula and @rook81 too! I kind of feel like we are in the same graduating class now. Hehe

Thank you @dlive for all of your support and encouragement of my content. It is so cool to be a part of this community of awesome creators. Big shout-out to @jimmylin too. He’s always so helpful and encouraging and has made a really positive impact on my DLive experience.

Big love all around!! ♥️

Thanks! Congrats to you also!

woo hoo! Congrats @coruscate!!! Well deserved! @rook81 and @cebula

Thank you, I'm so excited!!

Thanks alpha!! We are DliveStar Sisters now!! ;)

OMG! Thank you very much!
I didn't expect that.
I know my last week is not lot of many games but I have time when I'm gonna be really better on Fortnite so I play this game since 10 hours daily. That's the reason this is one game on my last streams but.. Yeah, I'm streaming daily.
Thank you very much for this!

Also congrats for @coruscate and @rook81 !! :)

I enjoy your streams, they are really entertaining!

Gratulacje @cebula!
I hope that's correct lol <3

muchh respect for all these content makers!!

Congratssss @rook81, @coruscate and @cebula !! ❤❤❤

Thank you!!!

Aww thanks girl!! <3

Yay! Congrats!

But watch out. I'm next. 😎

Thank you! I love the positive attitude, go get it!!

Thanks @carriellen!! It was so awesome meeting you today on @littlescribe's show!! <3


Thanks my dude! Much appreciated!

Wow. I didn't know about this yet, I'm only at Daily Vlog #10 and now I'm more determined to do better. Kudos to those already featured. Xo
Only familiar with @alphasteem & @coruscate's work so far. Great Job ladies. Xo

Just keep posting and putting out great content and I'm sure you'll do great! Determination will get you to the top!

I agree. Thank you for the affirmation @rook81, enjoying it as I go along. Xo

Aww thanks my friend!! <3

So awesome that you are already on your 10th daily vlog! Daily vlogging is hard... so mad props to you!

Congratulations to my husband! @cebula <3

@rook81 Man you deserved this title. Your streams are awesome every time. To everyone who hasn't yet checked out his stream: Check him out and you will have nice conversations. Congratulation to this title and nice to have you on DLive.

@tidos, thank you so much man!! Much love!

Congratulations to the 3 DLivestars.

Thanks man! Much appreciated

Yes! @rook81! Congratulations, man, you deserve the crown!
Also, congratulations to @coruscate and @cebula!

Thanks Vectorabbot!

@rook81 @coruscate @cebula

Great achievement guys, definitely deserve the DLive Star title! Also Rook looking fine with those jazz hands!


@cheech-oz!!! Thank you!! And yes, my jazz hands are on fire!!!!

you're a GOD DAMN LEGEND @rook81! and congrats @coruscate @cebula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hahah love the enthusiasm! Thanks @the-oracool!

Thanks my dude! ❤️


My congratulation to all the winners to whom also who participated

Such an amazing post bro

Live program, good job

Congratulations you #DLIVESTARS! Keep up the awesome streams and interactions!

Well done guys

Congratulations @rook81, @coruscate, @cebula . I wish you continued success.

Thank you, much appreciated

Congratulations to All the Winners......

I'm a bit of a lightweight as of right now, but my goal is to at least get on the top ten!

congrats @rook81, @coruscate, @cebula, keep streaming :)

now he is available :D

hahahe, he is avaialble everyday between 20-21. #ILovePoland @cebula

Thank you so much <3

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Congratulations guys! Amazing work 👏🏼

Congratulations 💐
@rook81, @coruscate and @cebula‼️

Thank you so much!

@rook81 you're welcome 😁

Congrats guys! ♥

Thank you so much!

Congratulations for all elections today... greetings from Venezuela...

Congrats @rook81, @coruscate, @cebula from me as well!

Thank man, I appreciate it!

Brilliant great work everyone, very inspirational! :D

Congratulations everyone 💜

Really cool. I just made my first upload to Dlive yesterday and it was so much faster and easier then YouTube or Dtube. I think I am going to really like using this platform.

Congrats @rook81, @coruscate and @cebula. You guys continue to inspire us. Keeping it coming!

Congrat For All winner

Thank you!