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International Dance Day Campaign Summary

International Dance Day was a celebration of a renowned art form and talent. It takes a lot of courage to get up and start dancing but even more to record yourself doing so for the whole DLive community to see, DLive appreciates the effort that everyone put into their entries and the upvotes reflect on that.

We were happy to reward a large number of entries in this campaign, we would also like to showcase some random entries and they can be found below!


1.png 2.png
3.png 4.png

An abstract on future campaigns

Users can expect the requirements for our future campaigns to change, such as a form of verification as particular users have made it extremely difficult for us to curate accurately on content. Entries will be required to complete this verification by stating your Steemit name, mentioning DLive and the topic of the campaign.


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Congratz everyone! Especially @theshinstory sweet dance moves/editing skills/drone shots man! Great work, well deserved.

Congrats to all the winners and thank you @dlive for the amazing platform where people can share their passions!

Yey! Congrats to everyone👏👏 Thank you @dlive for appreciating our dance😇😇

Happy to be a winner and Thank you @Dlive for the reward :D !

Congratulations to the winners! There is no way I would have done this!!!

I dance like a newborn deer that just learned to walk.

Haha same here, I'm always getting motivational high fives on the dance floor because people naturally assume it's the first time I've ever been on one.
Great job winners, not sure how you do that!

Beautiful dlive
I like it this dance
I appreciate your valuable Post.

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Congrats winners! Though I'm not super talented I do love dancing ♡

Congratulations to the Winners

wow, a really cool news like to dance, because dancing can make the heart happy, and of course for fitness.I appreciate your blog.

Congrats for all winner....!

Congrats to the winners! I had to skip this one...haha not much of a dancer.

Gratz yall!


This is amazing!!!

Congrats all campaign winners❤

Waooo are really spectacular. Congratulations to the winners I love your choreography. Thanks @dlive for having such dynamic and entertaining initiatives, they are very good ideas. I hope that in the next campaign we will participate many more users. We will be majority.

Congrats all winners :)

Conratulations to all the winners 👏👏

Thank you @dlive and congrats to the winners! 😊

Congratulations everyone! I'm new in Dlive and looking forward to join your next campaign :)

I love those things. I am getting to know your project, I am pleased to know that you have great plans for the community. I am very happy to be here and I hope to continue working with you.

I'll be waiting for the next campaign and I'll try to find out more about @Dlive, I'm totally new with you. I wanted to learn how to use the platform and share good content. I am knowing everything a little. Thank you for thinking differently. I wish you many successes.

Congratulations to the winners. Although i came's never to late.

congratulations to the winners, this is an excellent initiative of @dlive to highlight the day of the dance, I am new follower of this group and I love for its diversity of content, I am learning more about you and I hope to participate in the next contest.

Thank you for the great support you give to all those who use Dlive, congratulations to the winners. Greetings.

friend, you have my vote and I'm following you, I invite you to watch my video and do the same, what a good video I congratulate you, go on like this: D

Congratulations all ;)

Thank you every one for the support, and thank you @dlive for organizing this campaign and the reward. 💃💃💃