Interview With Student Loan Expert @larrymorrison on Higher Education and Student Debt // Part Two

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Hi Friends!

I am so incredibly excited to bring you the second part of this interview with @larrymorrison. Most of you may know him as the host of The Journey Inward video series here on @dlive, or as one of the founding members of the Steem Creators Conferences.

What you may not know though – is that Larry is actually one of the leading experts in the nation on student debt and is the CEO of College Loan Freedom – A company that helps people lower their student loan payments and find freedom from debt.

Our interview ended up being so rich with great conversation, that I decided to break it into two 30 minute videos. If you missed Part One, be sure to head on over to check that out first.

Topics Discussed In Part Two

  • At the end of part one, we discussed how both high school and higher education aren’t doing a very good job of preparing students for the work force. It is becoming more and more common for people to self-educate and skip the higher education system all together. What are your thoughts on this dynamic and shift? Is getting a degree really becoming less relevant?
  • We discuss the idea of the cost of the program being related to the value of the program. For example, an engineering degree is more likely to lead to a high paying job compared to an art degree – even though they cost the same and are using totally different amounts of resources from the college.
  • Discuss that colleges are running business. Thoughts on why it costs so much to bring together someone who wants to learn, with someone who wants to teach.
  • It seems rare to get a teacher that is an actual expert in the field they are teaching – Even though the cost of that class is higher than what it might cost to go seek out an actual expert. Why do you think this disconnect has happened?
  • Do you have advice for people going into school to avoid or limit debt? As a loan expert – what kinds of loans are better for students? (federal vs. private vs. parent plus)
  • We discuss the idea of taking a little time off before going to college and how people spend thousands and thousands of dollars figuring out what they want to do.
  • You are in the middle of writing a book – can you share more about your book and your vision for it?
  • We discuss the importance of teaching life skills in school. Not just personal finance, but work ethic, how to be in healthy relationships, mindset etc.
  • If someone is listening and they would like to get have you help them with their student loans, how do they get in contact with you and what does the process look like?
  • What if someone isn’t sure if you can help them or not?
  • We chat about how shame plays into people struggling to address debt and how sometimes just taking that first step to calling someone can help them start the journey.

We covered all of that in only the second half of this interview! Be sure to head over and listen to Part One to catch that piece of the conversation. We covered a variety of questions in the first half, but we especially dug into the student loan forgiveness program. Larry did a great job of clearing up some myths and misconceptions around this program.

Thank You for Watching!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview with @larrymorrison. It was such a treat to talk with him and I loved getting to nerd out and learn more about this! If you watched this interview - I'd love to hear from you on some of your biggest takeaways and/or any questions that came up.

If you are interested in having Larry and his team look under the hood on your student loans to see how they can help you – just get in contact with College Loan Freedom at [email protected] You can also ask the lovely @saramiller about her experience with CLF. She worked with Larry's team and was able to save significantly on her student loan payments.

Ps… we can’t wrap this up without a shameless plug for the Steem Creators and SMT Summit in Toronto where Larry and I will both be speaking in September. Check out the link for all the details.

Thank you again Larry for joining me on providing so much insight and great conversation!

With Love,



Here is a YouTube link for anyone who needs it.

My video is at DLive

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Lea, you ask such good questions, really made for a good conversation. The kind of conversation that opens the mind and broadens the horizon. These are the kinds of conversations I would love to open up around our country in order to create change.
Much appreciation my friend!!