Visiting Mount Saint Helens with the Nomad Man

in dlive •  8 months ago


In this episode I visit Mount St. Helens in Washington state with my traveling buddy Jeremiah the Nomad Man (@nomadman).

This volcano last erupted in 1980 and was the biggest eruption the United States has seen, at least as far back as we've been tracking that. I was born only a few miles away 18 months later, so it was always something people were talking about. I'm glad I finally got to finally visit it for myself!


In this video I also introduce my new Motoped Survival Bike. It's essentially a bicycle with a small gas motor on it. It's designed for a bug out situation, and is super fun to ride! I picked it up from an auction in New Mexico for $800 with only 500 miles on it. They sell for almost $4000 new.

This is the last stop before reaching the Seattle area where I'll be staying for awhile. In the next video I'll explain why I'm here and my plans for the future.


Video is at DLive

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Amazing @cahlen. I love the videos you share.


Stigmatatata from Lake Titicaca!


Thank you @muhammadrizki96! What do you like most about this one?


I like your trip. the videos you share are very good @cahlen.

Nice bike. Like the post-apocalyptic vibe. I'll have to make my way down to Mt St Helens and Rainier when I get my car maintenance done and a little cash.


Ya, it's got a Mad Max feel to it. Love that!

Where are you in Washington at the moment?


Bellingham most days, Blaine some days for work

Cool! Looks like you have 2 cameras. What one did you bring up? Is it a GoPro?

I'm wondering because I'm looking to get a video camera myself.


I actually only use one camera, I came back to camp once I rounded that bend to pick up from Jeremiah. Tricksy!

I use the camera on my Pixel 2XL, which can record in 4k if I want it to, though I usually just stick to 1080p.

Also you bring the bike with you in your car?


I have a motorcycle rack that attaches to the towing hitch on the back of the truck.

Man I wish I had a meme to show you how happy this made me

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