GTX 1080 Over $2.00 Per Day Mining !!

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RX580 8gb

32gb usb drive

DTube Channel


BrandonCoin Website

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This Channel -
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My video is at DLive


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Here's your doughnut of shame.

I appreciate that you left a comment today, but it's not advantageous to your growth to make and upvote pointless, rapid-fire spam comments 100% and not actually even vote on, flag, or interact with the post author at all.

I try to upvote most commenters here a bit, but WILL NOT VOTE for your comments until they contribute to discussion or you calm down on using my posts as a place to farm rewards. You're free to do what you like with your stake, but I support those who are working to support others while growing themselves, and you don't seem too interested in that. I don't have much time or patience for those who can't show common courtesy or kindness, so please don't come back and do this, or I will continue to point out your shitty behaviour.

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