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Ben, this is the most neutral of all gender neutral statements I've ever heard. This is a social justice warrior approved piece of advice you've posted!!! :-)


Is this the JP? If so, welcome to Steemit and I’m super pumped to see you here! Loved your FB videos, but not spending a whole lot of time there these days. Been hooked on Steemit as of late. The site has a long way to go but with you here, we’re well on our way! Welcome aboard and I look forward to your initial post!!


Welcome aboard, JP.
Finding good content can be difficult until you've built your feed. The NEW page is unfiltered posts as they come in, and the TRENDING page is often crypto shop talk and whale wars.
You can see Ben's feed as if you were him, and get the benefit of his excellent taste in content creators/authors.
Handy until you've followed enough of us to make your own feed worthwhile.
I've enjoyed your work whenever the algorithm gods have seen fit to show it to me; and look forward to seeing all of it from now on.


Thank you for your official endorsement and welcome to Steemit! Let’s set up an interview for this week!


Is this reallly the legit A w JP?????

Steemit just leveled up!!

Welcome aboard JP!

It's never been easier to win new followers than it is right now.
There are a hundred thousand people here, and the authors they follow have slowed right down on the posts.
You want to get noticed?
There are more eyeballs and fewer good options for them than ever before, but this won't last.
When steem jumps back up; and it will; this chance will be gone.


Preach it!


Don't worry I haven't slowed down, just crappy inet here😂

I am sooo depressed, steem has crashed to $200.

....wait, what year/month is this? Oh...

I am sooo depressed, steem has crashed to $2.
It is so heart breaking that i almost can't stand it.
I will just have to persevere. The markets always come back.
...but what if they don't this time.

Well, then steem will just be a nice place to write blog posts.

I've only just watched your video, cos I had been out of Steemit (and everything else) due to an actual depression, I've just come up yesterday. It's really interesting that you noticed a different mood on Steemit during the same time, which I didn't before I dropped out, but I couldn't really take in much if anything. And interestingly, I gathered my courage (since I'm really not outgoing about this) to post about my last week this morning, before I had even watched your pep talk. To be fair, in my depressive state of mind a few days ago, the pep talk would have had the opposite effect, but of course it wasn't meant for that.

Couldn't agree more, though, I don't give a damn about the current value of Steem because that's not what it is about, at least not in the first place. Also, I can only encourage everybody to learn how to be patient, maybe try to provide your own vegetables for one season or something like this, it helps putting things in perspective, I believe.


Thanks for your vulnerability and honesty! I hope you continue to find nourishing community here


Thanks so much for your wishes and for taking the time to reply - I'm starting to wonder if you ever sleep these days ... ;)

Great post Ben! You're like a walking/talking thesaurus for "man-up":)

As I've said before, SteemIt is a great creative outlet for me and I'm 100% powered-up and posting. If the relative price of Steem rises then great - it will be like I won a lottery. If not, oh well, I get to try my hand at being a starving artist. I've already reaped major rewards from this community that are not monetary in nature. Just today, I posted 2 humorous stories, a Joe Jackson cover and a post to a now playing contest. In return, I feel energized, a sense of accomplishment, a personal connection to some Steemians around the globe and had lots of fun.


Good perspective!

Depressed? Heck no! I'm buying as much as I can!


Right on brother.

great advice and yes the atmosphere has def lowered down and the mood has been sour!


Let's lift it up!

OMG! Motivation! "Take it like a man or women" haha. Love it! yes, keep creating. It feels good to make things no mater the price of Steem! Persistence and love for your art, goes a long way. :) Totally relate as I'm an artist (mainly like to draw and paint).

Thanks again for the uplifting message.


Happy to fight for positivity!

I power up a little every day and buy a little Steem every few weeks.

A few years from now, people will look back at single-digit Steem prices and wish they had jumped in back in 2018 when they had a chance.

Great advice, do not give up and continue to be positive and be passionate about sharing and keep posting. The fact that you are dropping in value, you need to post more to make up the difference. I am still posting as I do daily (twice if I have things to share)....chin up and smile. Eventually people out there will like what you have shared and posted and response. But if not enjoy the challenge and wait....that's what I have been doing.

I actually powered up

As much as it sads me to see the low reward, it gives me the opportunity to power up

But dayuuum wish I could power up as much as you did Ben! 😂

Patience will prevail! I'm not selling any STEEM until at least 2019!!


Patience is super underrated!

#manup ;) love it. hahah! nice work ben ;)

We're going down! We're all going to die!

Oh wait...Steem is still higher than it was this time last year.

No need to man up! Nice video :)

Nah. nah. nah. You forgot faux-Chopper's advice: "Drink a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up!"
This is gold! We were talking about this video in my radio interview yesterday.
It's such a great analogy to use, true artists keep creating - investors and anybody else in any other field should definitely learn from their artistic counterparts with how to move on and keep doing your thing, despite adversary, obstacles or lack of response.

Ha ha... I see a song here!

Haha, that's very inspirational. I had no idea that everyone was depressed about the market, it's crazy that some people let that get them down @benleemusic, but I do love creating though, and I loving sharing my work. b( ̄▽ ̄*)

Exactly right!

It’s not about the 💰.

First priority should be the art and the potential contribution of your posts.
Focus on the giving and the getting will take care of itself.

Let the lower prices weed out the weak and the takers.

Thanks Ben, I needed the encouragement :) It's awesome to have you here talking about a bit of everything so we can get to know you even more. Thanks a lot,