First Official DLive Creative Content Curation Vlog!

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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the first official DLive Creative Content Curation Vlog, the first of it's kind to be featured on the DLive24Hour schedule, with a mission to showcase the diversity of content on DLive!

Exceptional new videos and streams shared on DLive will be hand selected for featuring in this weekly Vlog.

Let's bring awareness to our fantastic content creators here on DLive, while showing those that might not know that DLive is a place for everyone to feel welcome!

This week we are featuring creative content from five talented DLiver's:

@drawingly with Streaming! indy8phish art!

@musiccircle with Dlive Music - Un Dia De Noviembre performance

@edprivat with Happy Earth Day To All - Ed Privat

@drumoperator with MODULAR ACROSS AMERICA! Ep 08: Saint Vitus, NYC

@kafkanarchy84 with KafkA On The Couch, Ep. 04: GRATITUDE

All Featured Content Creators will receive 1SBD, with the exception of @drawingly who will receive half the SBD awarded to this video. Having recently undergone surgery with more to come, the DLive community is joining together to help our fellow DLiver raise money to help with the costs.

Please visit the featured videos and show them some love!

I hope you enjoy the first official DLive Creative Content Curation Vlog in partner with @DLive24Hour, come back next Friday for another showcase of some of the various fantastic content shared on DLive!

Take Care,

My video is at DLive

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Thank you @amymya. really appreciate. God Bless you dear.


You're welcome!

The DLive Queen is at it again! Congratulations Amy! I am so proud of what you have become and I know you will definitely grow bigger!

Goodluck on the fundraising campaign Amy!


Thank You Dawnee ♡♡♡♡ always growing here on the blockchain!


:) ♡♡♡

Nicely done Amy! Love your picks! drumoperator especially, that is some interesting instrument producing music...


Thank you!
Yeah Isn't that amazing? So so cool. I love it

Thanks @amymya for highlighting my video! So rad. Also, very noble of you to donate to @drawingly. I’ll resteem this and try and help get the word out.



Thanks @drumoperator! Can I use this song in my dance day campaign vid? I love it ♡


I would be dismayed if you didn’t. Send me a link when yah post it!

Hey @amymya ! Thanks so much for the shout out and the support! Truly a blessing! Thanks!
And thank you for helping @drawingly !


Thank you for your wonderful video! I'm happy to hear the plant is doing well, awesome!


My baby plant is doing great by the way thanks!

The first of many... knew you'd be a star :D


humm, well I will be me haha <3

Wow this is so cool! The drawing @Drawingly was doing on your video was actually a request / order from my side that she did for me. I am very happy with the end result as it will become the avatar of my livestream thumbnails going forward and more. Always giving her credit on my streams, I hope she hits it off on DLive and hopefully she gets the health issues sorted as soon as possible. All the best to her and to you, @amymya!


Thanks @indyfish! Yeah its a super cool drawing, the whole process is so cool to watch.
All the best to you too!

😞 tried to watch the video but Dlive keeps crashing on me...
Well I hope is just an issue on my end, kudos to to you for making curation of content 👍😃

I also do curation posts about visual artists, check my last one if curious 😉🌹🐢
🎨 Melooo182's Artists Curation Post #8 🎨 / @Steemartists Promo 🐟



Strange it was crashing. Thanks for trying to watch though :)

Great job, @amymya!!!! I love these curation videos and can't wait to see more moving forward!!!


I'm so glad you enjoyed! I look forward to doing many more :)