Good one. You caught me in an uncomfortable position. This is one of the reasons I have laid low and not been outspoken as I could be. Because people hate to hear complaints without a solution. The whiner who only criticizes and doesn’t build. Or as Linus Torvalds said, “Show me the code, talk is cheap.”

If I tell you now the design I have formulated to fix it before such a project has launched, then some other group is likely to release some DPoS clone modified to implement my idea and which would not include the radically redesigned consensus algorithm I designed. I’m also trying to fix the problems with consortium blockchains. So I think if I was the one to figure this out, that I as the lead dev would be the best one to bring a project with my design to launch. Others can work on their own designs and we can observe the outcome of which effort works out best. So that the first-mover benefits are not diluted from clones lead by those who don’t have all the holistic knowledge that I have. Also design-by-committee doesn’t work well. Open source is good for maintenance and refining launched projects, not for design. Small focused design teams work best. So I will decline from telling you now, but I will open source as soon as I can. Apologies I hate closed source but in this instance I must temporarily.

EDIT: I will make a reply to @joeyarnoldvin that will hint at some solutions.

I am following you