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Welcome to another episode of crypto and cardio, it has been a while.

Whole food for thought

So Wednesday night I went to a Steem meetup at Whole Food in High Street Kensington organised by @redrica.

Sometimes it's nice to reconnect with the 'Steem hardcore' as I like to call them (or more accurately 'us').

I only planned to stay for a couple of hours but ended up staying for 5 or 6 hours as is the way it goes once you get started chatting all things Steem and crypto.

New dimensions

It is good to see that there is still so much enthusiasm around the Steem blockchain. I haven't really had an opportunity to engage fully with Steem over the last month, so it was nice to hear about the developments that have been happening on the chain.

I think it is really great when different classes of applications are built on the blockchain. Like Steem Monsters and now I understand there is an app called Drug Wars that's doing quite well.

It feels like the platform is organically developing in ways that were not originally envisaged, which is great.

Robust options

However I think there could also be better collaboration for applications that are the same in class. For example, we have a least half-a-dozen social media frontend to Steem. We have Steemit, Busy, Esteem, Partiko, SteemPeaks.

On the surface, it is good to have so many options.

For one, it demonstrates how robust the blockchain is. Should one interface go down there are plenty of other options for users to choose from.

It also shows how decentralised the blockchain is. Anybody can access the database, create a frontend, introduce some ‘value add’ and ultimately come up with a business model that will enable them to monetise their efforts.

Maximising talent

However I don't think it is necessarily great for the growth of Steem as a whole.

For a start, it isn't the most efficient use of the talents that get attracted to the blockchain.

There is a dilution of the talent (minds pointing in different directions and often duplication of effort.

The goal for a nascent platform like Steem should be to pool together any talent it has. That way any products produced can be greater than the sum of the parts.

The bigger picture

Ultimately the aim for Steem right now should be to gain a critical mass of users. I'm very mindful of the fact that Steem apps have around 10k daily active users.

This figure is absolutely dwarfed by the 1 billion or so daily users of the biggest social media site, Facebook. So there is a lot of work needs to be done for Steem to gain real traction and make inroads into the social media market.

Users vs Superusers

It’s important to realise that anyone who is a regular user of Steem today is, in fact, a ‘Superusers’.

Steem, like crypto in general, is a complicated web to navigate. I think this fact can be lost on us (me and pretty much anyone who is reading this). We get used to the complexity and even embrace the nuances. For the average users where looking to attract however all this crypto stuff sounds too much like hard work!

The aim should be to simplify the user journey wherever possible in order to ease the friction.

This a more intuitive user experience should outweigh the desire for multiple interfaces. Multiple, same in class interfaces only serve to muddy already murky waters further for the average user.

The problem is not just unique to Steem. I think it is a challenge for decentralised applications in general. Yes we should strive to be Decentralised and Autonomous. However what’s missing is the level of Organisation that delivers real efficiency and maximises resources.

There’s more...

I speak more on this topic in a video version of this post. It is available exclusively to my Patreon subscribers.

You can head over there and sign up for access to exclusive content.

I also incentive my Patreons to comment, engage and post good content on Steem through stronger weighted upvotes. I see this as a win-win for everyone so certainly worth checking it out.

Until next time... I'm out!

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Yes, it's all quite fragmented still on the STEEM blockchain. This has its advantages around innovation and experimentation and will no doubt consolidate down into a few core 'entry points' to the blockchain over time.

The prob in the meantime is that it does lead to confusion. I am still not actively promoting or sharing Steemit to friends or family as I know they will likely get bogged down after a few weeks and leave - then the chances of getting them back will be next to nil (no matter how much more improved it might be in the future).

On the bright side, I sense we might be getting closer to a more solid and user-friendly blogging front-end e.g. from Busy to Steempeak to Partiko etc, they seem to be getting better and better.

The dream is that some talented devs here on STEEM come up with a new interface/concept/experience that is a step up from what's already out there in the social media space and that folk choose to join unaware or unconcerned that it is built on a blockchain called STEEM. In the same way that I doubt that the masses care what software coding underpins FB or Instagram!

Personally I don't classify busy or steepeak, or even really (but less so because they're mobile) partiko or esteem as dapps - they just allow you to read and post, basically. As you're getting at - such a lot of re-inventing the wheel.

Actifit, steemhunt, the games, they're dapps.

What we need is a generalised steem application that allows access to various different steem applications via a windows interface, of course it'd have to be customisable, but with a few core dapps and 'dapps' (if we had one it would literally be pointless having busy, steempeak etc. in seperate windows because they're basically the same!).

Maybe something like that will emerge out of the steemalliance?

I guess the next level would be a 'steemtablet' - a bespoke device that allows people to access the steem applications (and discord) - although it'd have be dirt cheap for anyone to buy one! Or free.

OK Maybe the tablet's a stretch too far.

Hey Nanzo

Glad to hear the meet-up kept you busy last night. I'm hoping to pick up a few Steemians when I move to Valencia in a few months.

I'm not sure if you are aware of the Steem Business Alliance which has formed recently. They, amongst other things, have also noticed a potential lack of efficiency with regards to talent and address that in the post below.

...we observe that many tasks are currently carried out independently by different Steem projects with very little cross-coordination. This results in unnecessary repetition of work and expenditure of time and resources towards solving problems, or creating resources, which are simultaneously being worked on by other projects. The SBA will provide its members with a place to discuss ideas and identify synergies, coordinate efforts and thus reduce repeated work and increase development efficiency.



Thanks for the heads up on Steemba. Hopefully, the emergence of such initiatives will help address the issue.

You got the job then? moving to Valencia?

Yes and yes :)

Hard to refuse really, so it's back to the man for another year or two.

At least I'll be able to up my stake, hopefully STEEM will loiter around here at least until xmas,

Well congratulations on the job and commiserations for needing it!

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Thank you :)

The paycheck and monthly STEEM purchases will ease the pain and a change in routine should be for the better.

You could do a lot worse than Valencia too!

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It seems a good time you had. I look forward to actually attending one closeby.
I believe I'm a superuser on steem and this has made me easily accept the cryptocurrency wave. As I have gained a lot of knowledge opening up my self to it because it gave the opportunity not to lose anything and average users would soon get to the stage of superusers as they engage more on the platform.

Quoting you, @nanzo-scoop,

So there is a lot of work needs to be done for Steem to gain real traction and make inroads into the social media market.

A lot of hustling is being done on twitter by steemians for steem. @nathanmars7 @theycallmedan and so many others are hustling and supporting steem. I believe you've got a twitter handle and you seeing all the work done and doing there.

Your blog is interesting. ..thanks for sharing.

Also, I have opened a

patroen account

through your link. I wish I could know more on being your patreon. Thanks again

You are now my creator on patreon. @nanzo-scoop

Welcome onboard!

Thank you for this opportunity.

There are all my people! I wish I could have joined you guys ..... Still it's good to see familiar faces from the Steemfest back together in the same room :-)

Several thoughts struck me as I read through your post.... I was reminded of a few things. The last few posts for mine have been a little 'on the edge' about our survival in the future, so reading your content (no doubt, as you must've been affected by the cheerfulness of the meetup 😊) helped me get a little perspective.

Steem monsters and Drug wars have taken us by surprise and this organic development in a not all together intended direction means more than it looks. These things indicate that the decentralized nature of this ecosystem is still in effect and the community itself is flexible and open to new ideas. One phrase - Organic Evolution!

What you say about gaining 'critical mass' and 'simplifying/easing the user experience' are interconnected issues that need some work .... not impossible to get done, but then again they aren't easy either. Personally I was hopping that the simplification of user interface could be achieved before the SMT's .....but I guess we still have time.

Thanks for sharing the post man!

There is also the fact that traffic being dispersed across different interfaces will impact the Alexa ranking of Steemit, now fallen quite a way from its top1000 global websites! Good to see you back on the platform......

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That's a great point. I think Steemit missed a trick in not capitalising on it's Alexa rating (in terms of bringing advertisers and attention to the platform).

Thanks for this wonderful information, when you find something very important to discuss in steem, someone can end up spending a whole day on it. Steem all the way

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Sir even i feel like meeting people those who are associated with steem and i wish if someone could organise a meet-up in India so that i can attend it and i am happy and just realised that i am a superuser because i spend most of my time on partiko searching for content which can enhance my knowledge.

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I missed the photo! I still had a great time there and we'll have to chat some more next time.

Wish I could organize Steem meeting in my town. Still need a few years for that.

I believe that gaming community can start mass adoption but we will first have to offer them something. It's a bit sad how gaming community is undervalued on our blokchain :
Steem on!

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I have noticed that a lot of people playing Steem Monsters are not using the blogging side at all. Okay, so they don't have to, but it could add another dimension to the gaming side as they can communicate with other players and earn some extra Steem to spend on cards. I think the gaming dapps should have some integration of the blogging, at least where it's related to the game (using tags). There also ought to be some branding so people realise they are actually on the Steem blockchain. If you land on Busy you might not realise that it is on Steem. So people may not even realise they have access to multiple dapps (however you classify them).

I remember when Steem == Steemit, but we have come a long way. It was especially noticeable at the last Steemfest where dapps were heavily featured.

Thank you for this article, which deals with electronic currencies, especially the Steem currency which is currently rising after the Mainnet :)

This for sharing this information with us gentleman .I wish if there would be a steem meetup organised in India. Waiting for this opportunity so that more People would come to know about it.

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Thank you for coming out to join us! You are awesome. Will watch the video soon because I'm a Patron and I can ;) Take care for now, and see you again soon :)

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Great to meet you and all the wonderful people, thanks for your advice, just hope I can remember some of it ! This crypto world, still confuses me, but I am getting there !

This figure is absolutely dwarfed by the 1 billion or so daily users of the biggest social media site, Facebook.

And STEEM is much more than a social media, let's not forget that, it's a blockchain that allows the creation of dapps, which brings in further investing into the blockchain, allows for renting, delegations, etc...

I think we need to focus on somethings:

  • User retention - With the bear market most minnows and redfish give 0.00$ upvotes and don't get much appreciation on their contents, steevc is already working on improving minnows and redfishes curation which is truly awesome. I do think some big accounts that aren't helping at all could help out more... I don't consider a must but it would show that they are good hearted people...

  • User interface - There should be a app that allows much easier post creation, all the div pullrights and div text justify and whatnot makes it hard for normal users to get into the blockchain, it's a barrier that not many people want to push through, removing this barrier through creating a app that allows the customization of a post without using HTML coding or markdown would be really great for new users and for retaining and making old users post's better!

  • More dapps - I look at dapps like dtube, vimm, actifit, steemmonsters, drugwars, dsound, etc... and I'm proud of them, they are original ideas, and that is what we need, we need original ideas!

  • Dapps working together - This is just my opinion, but do we really need 5 or 6 ways of accessing the information on the blockchain? esteem, partiko, steempeek, busy, steemit, you guys do know that having that many dapps that do more or less the same with minor improvements in engagement and AI bots, etc.. only makes all of this more confusing right? Imo all the devs of these dapps should gather around and work in one final product, going to quote Tolkien over here but we need: "one dapp to rule them all"

  • DAO STEEM - It's already being worked on so I don't have anything else to say, this is a really good project!

  • More adds - Steemmonsters is probably if not the best dapp in all of the blockchains, they are adding things one after the other, just today they said they are launching a renting system for the card. I think we need to advertise Steemmonsters through the normal channels (facebook adds and google), this would bring many more players and increase the Steem demand! Maybe it could be paid with some DAO funds.

  • Selling of info- This one might be subject to debate and it was just a crazy idea I had, but facebook makes most of his money through selling the info of the users, I think Steem should work on a user data gathering dapp that the users put their info in(IF THEY WANT), their likes, their dislikes, etc.. and that info would be sold to marketing companies. With the money from the selling of information the people responsible for the dapp would buy STEEM and power it up(increased demand), the powered up STEEM would be in account that upvotes the users that allowed for their information to be sold... What this means is that we would get a 24/7 influx of money buying STEEM, and the people that allowed their data to be sold would get a really nice upvote, finally getting paid for their data instead of having it stolen by facebook, instagram ,etc... The question is: How ethical is this? The users are, after all, choosing to sell or not, but what if they put wrong info just to get the upvote? This one is just a crazy idea that I had while showering, I would love to do it, but I don't know a single thing about programming (at least not yet, working on it :D)

  • Coordination- Like you said, we have the devs split into many little communities, we need to get them all on board and get them to work as a team, if they do want to create different dapps and different things they could, but they would have to have a structure so that 2 devs aren't creating the same thing...

Just realized I made a huge wall of text, sorry if I made any mistakes on it, I hope I got my point across and I'm ready to have a nice debate with anyone that disagrees or agrees with my opinion, always glad to engage with the community and to either change anyone's opinion or change mine ofc!

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Hi Nanzo
Welcome back from your other projects. I know how it is easy to dive down the rabbit of a exciting project and be gone for a while.
I understand what your saying about the multiple choices for interfaces, which are nice. But don’t solve issues of blockchain complexity and the need for mentoring new users. I realize how complex this platform and the blockchain really is when I mentally break down subjects like BidBots or Voting Power and Vote regeneration,
I think Steemit and Steem have a lot of positive attributes and the existing use case, ability to profit without selling your original stock capitol, large
number of developers and communities and other attributes make it a winner. But duplication of efforts and lack of support for projects like Steemonboarding hinder the race to critical mass of user. But we are getting closer.
Take Care

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I very much like this post since we were able to talk about this on Wednesday and your views are almost 1:1 written down in this post! :-) They are important to read, so I'm glad you took the time to share them.

The two most important things from the post are imho the fact we need to combine efforts and talents, if possible through 'development camps' so people can really focus and work together on a project and see results grow quickly.

The second is the painful truth that the Steemians that are active today are the once who accepted the pains and difficulties and overlook the lack of smooth user experience - making a top smooth blog dApp which is intuitive even for new Steemians should be our top priority.

I think Partiko is a great example and I'm keeping my eye on @wherein, they are doing something amazing I believe.


wish Id been there to hang out with you guys and have my hair washed by the shower of crypto-jargon that would naturally have missed my brain matter by a country mile but warmed my soul to its decentralised core. Big love to you 'superSteemies' x