My Portfolio #9 Montgomeryshire Pot shelf Dresser Base

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Hello Everyone,

This is an Oak pot shelf dresser base that I made.

It is a Welsh design from the county Montgomeryshire.

Each county in Wales has its own unique versions of Dressers.

I made this one from a photo that I found but I have studied welsh dressers in depth over the years an this one is about as close to the original as possible.

It is solid oak throughout and I aged it sympathetically with stains and 'distressing' .

Dressers are a very functional piece of furniture and I like this design because it has quite a lot of detail but it is still understated. I also like the open 'Potshelf' bases because they do not appear to heavy in a contemporary setting.

Many thanks,


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Hey @jist, I’ve always loved your work, do you do commission work at all?


Thanks man, yes most of my work is commission based. I really enjoy making a piece that I am just inspired to do but I also love making commissions because the end results are a joint effort by the client and myself that I could not come up with on my own.

@jist nic this is very good.

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