My Portfolio #13 Jumping Horse

in dlike •  9 months ago


I sculpted this in limewood.

It was designed to go above a fire place and looks as if the Horse was jumping through the wall.

I mounted it on a piece of quarter sawn oak which I carved to have a rippled effect. Almost as if the horse was jumping through a wormhole.

I stained the limewood very, very dark and then polished it.

This was the first time I had studied a horses anatomy and it is an in depth subject.

I enhanced certain feature and muscles in order to catch the light more effectively.

Many thanks,


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This is awesome! You sculpted that? So cool! You got skills! :) Sorry for the over use of the exclamation point. But seriously great job. :)


Thanks Man! I was very passionate about this piece. It took a long time and I was obsessed. The thing with something like this is you never know if it will be a success until you have made the last cut, so many a late night spend carving it.


You are very welcome! I bet it took a long time! Again, really good job. :)

@jist wow this is are unique and awesome artist,sir


Thank you, I do enjoy the big sculptures.