Introducing instant free STEEM accounts with DLIKE referral system

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Hello Steemians!

Here is another step forward towards DLIKE development as we have launched direct signup interface on DLIKE to register new steem accounts. This is an effort to on-board larger number of users from outside of STEEM and ensure the success of STEEM initiative to on-board masses.

This is a beta launch to analyze and maximize the response from new users as we will keep improving the signup process in accordance with feedback from users.

How it works?

Registration of new STEEM accounts through DLIKE is totally free and instant. All you need is to verify your phone number.

Why you need to verify Phone Number?

In order to avoid miss-use of this free signup, we have to add an identity verification for every user who wants to have new steem account just like one of the best steem dapps (@steemhunt).

To ensure the privacy of users, we store all phone numbers in hashed form (irreversible). These phone numbers are just stored as an effort to avoid duplicate accounts by same users or to stop spammers from creating new accounts.

How to get free and instant STEEM account?

To signup for free steem account, visit

  1. Enter desired username, system checks if its available
  2. Enter your phone number where we send you 4 digit PIN code
  3. Verify PIN code to generate password
  4. Copy your password and save it securely!

WOW, you are all done in less than 2 minutes. DLIKE gives 20 free DLIKE tokens to all new users.

As per STEEM API docs these accounts have enough RC to interact with the chain at a starting level so you can start posting without any requirement of SP. Anyone coming out of steem blockchain can get started without any further requirement.

We request everyone to use this facility for the betterment of STEEM blockchain instead of spoiling or gaming this opportunity.

How Referral system works?

With this signup, DLIKE has a built-in referral system for everyone to promote and earn rewards. To get benefited from DLIKE referral system, use your STEEM username in the following link. Simply use this referral link in any article or on social media sites to invite new users and earn rewards.

For every new referral, you will get 50 DLIKE tokens and daily reward points from all the posts made on DLIKE by your referrals.

DLIKE Tokens Staking

DLIKE has launched token staking for its users to earn bonus. Following 2 options are available for Staking.

  • Stake for 90 days to earn 9% bonus tokens
  • Stake for 180 days to earn 25% bonus tokens

    To stake DLIKE tokens, details are here

DLIKE PRO Membership

DLIKE has recently started PRO membership. Anyone can become PRO by burning 10,000 DLIKE tokens. To become pro, under your wallet, go to PRO section and select, ‘I agree to become PRO’.

PRO members are getting 3x steem upvotes as compared to normal users.

USDT(Tether) Tips - An additional source of income for DLIKERs

Couple of weeks ago, we have started TIPs on DLIKE posts where PRO users can TIP any post which they like. These tips are totally free from DLIKE and are an additional source of income for users. 40% of the tip reward goes to author while 60% to readers.

TIPs are in USDT(Tether) and paid daily directly into ETH address with a minimum balance of 3 USDT. For further details on TIPs, check this post

DLIKE + SportsTalkSocial = More Rewards

We already have a partnership with one of the top STEEM-Engine tribe, @sportstalksocial to upvote all users who share sports related posts on DLIKE and use #sportstalk tag. PRO members get 3x upvotes than normal users.

Upcoming: DLIKE Reward Pool

DLIKE reward pool is in testing and will be available in couple of weeks. Through this reward pool, users will be able to earn daily DLIKE tokens based on the activity on their posts like, number of comments, number of views, number of likes, number of upvotes etc.

We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

 @freedom |@julialee66 | @supergiant | @devann | @shellyduncan | @vimukthi | @m18207319997 | @onetin84 | @bigram13 | @daumantas | @cryptospa | @steemyoda | @arslan.saleem | @lukestokes | @afzaal4 | @wajahatsardar | @pcsg-dev

Delegate Your SP to Dlike

We are giving daily tokens equal to amount you delegate to dlike.

If you delegate 1000 SP, you will get daily 1000 dlike tokens (paid weekly on each Monday) plus 5% beneficiary reward plus instant bonus tokens.

100 SP | 200 SP | 300 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP | 15000 SP | 20000 SP | 100000 SP

Follow @dlike for all future updates!

Join our Discord channel for feedback & questions.

Web: | App: Android App
Follow us on
Dlike Twitter | Dlike Instagram | Dlike Telegram


This is a great step towards adoption, I will try and use this method to onboard new users.

Unless I’m reading this wrong the purpose is to create a steem account don’t you already have one?

The project sounds great, more people on Steemit and using dlike will improve this ecosystem and it will be more powerful in future ..!!! That’s awesome..!!!

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Just a heads up to anyone picking a username you can Not use capital letters!

It will not let you sign in!

Lower case only!👍

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This project is being supported by @Fundition the next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem blockchain.

Read the full details of Fundition Fund program
Learn more about Fundition by reading our purplepaper

Join a community with heart based giving at its core
Fundition is a non profit project, by supporting it with delegation you are supporting 200+ projects.

Great deevelopment i gave ur beautiful post a wonderful repost

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Learn more here!

I love dlike! Literally use it every day! Resteem this post for 250 dlike tokens?

Done! Honestly, I would have resteemed this post anyway!

Thanks dlike!

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Just wondering about an initial delegation to the accounts. Will they have enough RC to operate with the free accounts??

No. I just tried it. It's a waste of accounts because you get the master key and try logging in and you can't! You need to go to the wallet first, get all your keys and then go back with the correct key to use on Steem connect to finally enter dlike which you can't use because you have no Steem or SP!

If there are genuine new users sign up this way they will get the account name and soon after walk away.

Sadly this is little more than an account farmers wet dream!

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I would like to pick up one acc for a friend that locked herself out of her new Steemit free account
If I go to the wallet first and pick up the keys will this work?
I am more than willing to delegate her some SP and Gift her Steem basic income if I can pick up an account now.

I was going to try to salvage her account next week 🙃

Just a follow up I did this for my friend, and it works just fine!!!🤗

One more Steemian!!!!!😊🤗

Yes. That's what you need to do. When it gives you the owner key, go straight to wallet and use that key to access the wallet and then you can get the full set of keys to be able to use the account . You will need to delegate her some SP though before she can do anything :-)

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I got the acc, printed the keys and put them on a thumb drive for her.
I plan to gift her some temporary SP, and some SBI to get her going!🤗

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First Couple of posts can be made without SP requirements as per STEEM API docs these accounts have enough RC to interact with the chain at a starting level.

I never knew that. Thanks @dlike :-)

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Finally well done been asking for something like this for months!!!@@

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Just tried it on an account called minnow.booster but I can't login please can you check it out? Thanks

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Dlike referral system nice man 😘

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I could use a little help, the idea is great! So I thought I will test it right away.
As username I used "MJ23" and it said it is still available. Then I put in my phone number. Next I got the key. So everything was great until then. But the username does not work with the key I got. I have screenshots of everything.
It even says now, that the username is still available.
I hope that is just a problem with me and not for everyone ;)
maybe someone can help.

always avoid capital letters while registering usernames on steem blockchain

Oh shit, I did not know that, so that means I wasted my phone number? because if I try it again, it says my phone number is already used, or could you somehow give it free again?
Thanks for your help!

and you could consider a simple validation filter for capital letters on your website, that would solve the whole thing and it's just a view lines in your code and basic programming ;)

When dlike token add in exchange?

Awesome Development! Great news in the bear market :)

This is a great step towards adoption, I will try and use this method to onboard new users.

Resteem. Done.

This is a great contribution to make adoptions easier and easier.
We hope more new users will jump aboard.

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Good to see all the new developments. If you can give the accounts a delegation (thing will be a lot easier when RC delegation gets released) to be able to interact well. I think @dlike is one of the most undervalued projects o STEEM. I'm working to get myself 2 million+ Tokens. After the staked Tokens get released I will be over 1 million Dlike Tokens.

PS: It'll be nice to monthly reduce the rate of staking rewards to create more scarcity.

@opb !vote post 5sbd

I have just delegated 150 SP.

Que hermoso detalle. Muy bonito para un ragalo

Let's spread the word!

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Keep going Dlike!

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Evxellent! Resteemed!

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This is really nice!

This is so freaking awesome I’m so glad we have instant accounts now dapps can really push on with a better conversion rate in acquiring users! Such exciting times

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Resteem. Done.

We will soon open a store to buy 200 European simcards for 5 STEEM per bundle. All simcards are activated and from different carriers from different countries. Follow us for more information. Shipping: worldwide.
Costs for shipping:
In Europe: 11STEEM
Other areas: 25 STEEM

Our goal is to make onboarding easier than ever! Open as many accounts as you want with DLike and us.

Soo, just to make it clear, My referal link will be:

Thank you

Without @, only username

Now that is what I am talking about. I have been trying to invite many of my friend over but most of them wants their accounts instant and free. This is the solution! Thanks for the great initiative. It seems that it is getting pretty exciting once more in dlike! Stay awesome!

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Very nice news! That's what must to do any steem based site.

No resteem posible :/

How much RC does the Account have without SP at the beginning?

how can you provide free accounts? Is there a limited number or not?

There are limits and this looks very exploitable by account farmers...

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I was resteemed this post @dlike

incredible breakthrough in this platform. hopefully growing more rapidly

It would be nice to translate this article into another language, it is really very interesting and faster to do it than the traditional way

Resteem. Done

Did it 👍👍 sounds great @dlike

This is a great cause and I support it. I hope steem does great things and Fundition as well. will be behind this project the full way. Get them DLikes!

Thank you very much ! A easy Account creation is what STEEM needs to grow in value again.

Great! This referal code appears in the right time for me, thank you!.

I resteemed this post, but I don't see any dlike tokens... 250?

Referral system does not work?

Thanks for the post.

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I think its time to for other tribe to follow your steps in onboarding new users. great work guys..... resteemed

incredible, it turns out here the token has been working properly. I will try to meet this criteria to get a number of tokens. and beforehand I will save this article in my blog as my future reference. and other friends in my feed can find it. thank you @dlike , hopefully continue to grow

Nice advancement. It's really an encouragement for new steemit users.

Hi, is there a way to recover the master password. I tried registering an account, when I verified the number it was verified but it did not proceed to the display the password. When I tried loading the site in another browser it returned an application error. Thanks


My friend has tried to register via my referral link, but the confirmation code was never sent.
So how...?

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