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BuildTeam's new P2P STEEM POWER leasing service, is up and running for over a month now and press releases are being showcased on Coinidol, Blokt, Cryptocompare and Cryptoglobe to name a few.

Passively growing your investment on the Steem blockchain has just become increasingly more attractive.

Market Makers Wanted!

At this point, there are already over 2700 active leases on, helping users boost their STEEM POWER while giving STEEM POWER stakeholders substantial Annual Percentage Rate returns for their stake, in addition to the standard blockchain interest emissions of circa 1.8% per annum. DLease double figure APR passive earnings, coupled with native STEEM POWER interest makes leasing your digital STEEM POWER assets an attractive prospect that the greater crypto community is not yet fully aware of.

But even though the number of lease requests and investors is rising, there are still more requests than the market can fulfill - which makes NOW the ideal time to use your stake and multiply it efficiently!

In order to take the DLease platform to critical mass and ensure wider adoption outside of STEEM, we need to show a thriving platform, turning over substantial lease volume that will make the external media and markets notice DLease and Steem. DLease invites market makers to its platform to fill lease delegations and keep the order book bouyant and help push DLease adoption past the borders of the Steem community.

A snapshot of currently active and available leases as at April 17th, 2019.

The Marketplace

On our DLease marketplace, you can easily sort the available leases by lessee name, amount of SP asked for, lease duration, daily payout, total payout, and APR, allowing you to choose the parameters according to your needs.

Going on vacation for a month and don't want your idle STEEM Power go to waste? Pick a lease that lasts 4 weeks!

Want to maximize your APR? Search for the lease with the highest percentage and fulfill the request!

Looking to earn a specific amount of liquid Steem? See what lease gives you the total payout you desire!

Your Dashboard

DLease aims to give you a convenient way to invest your stake. Your DLease dashboard provides an overview of your "Idle" STEEM POWER, which is the SP that's currently not delegated to someone else, your Active Leases with their average APR, and your current and previous STEEM payouts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

So what are you waiting for? Start getting the most out of your invested money, and use your stake in a way that profits you by using

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I have been behind in checking this out so will check it out soon and probably will give the market a try when I get my next purchase done. Any updates for any other digital assets like Resource Credits or even Steem Monster cards? Could be a breakthrough for many!

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Resource credit markets are not yet supported by steem itself so we are waiting for them to release that first

Hey, our focus lately has been making mobile responsive. Check it out when you have a chance, we just pushed the changes. After this we want to give DLease it's own engine and decouple from MinnowBooster, after that we can look at adding SM markets and such.

Y so empty here? I was looking forward to commentary to read to see what other people thought. haha

Hi, Most of our conversations happen in Discord, join our Discord and we can chat about Dlease or any other of our service offerings.

Do you have a ganranteed of ROI on the lease?

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Yes the ROI is guaranteed on the leases, people send the total payment to us which is then guaranteed to be paid out during the course of the lease.

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I delegated SP but got nothing back yet.

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Hi @john371911, Dlease is for P2P transactions whereby we facilitate delegations from one Steem user to the other and we also facilitate the payments which is paid upfront by the user who requests a lease.

The problem here is you have sent a delegation directly to @dlease which is incorrect. Please can you come onto discord via the link on this post and find me @trev so i can help you get your SP back and advise you the proper way to use @dlease.

Additional to the above, you can undelegate by using link

John, as per @trev03 you need to delegate to a person requesting a lease on login and the delegate to any of those listed. You will have to cancel your delegation to dlease itself because it isn't setup for giving you returns for delegating directly to it.

Oh~ I see. Thanks.