DLease featured on Cryptocompare and Cryptoglobe

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Recently, the DLease press release (written by @taskmaster4450) has been featured on Cryptoglobe.com

As a result of being presented by cryptoglobe.com, the publication has also been syndicated to the Cryptocompare.com news feed.

In addition to showcasing the press release, Cryptocompare sent out an email newsletter blast to 500K email subscribers with a historical 80k opening rate!

Email Blast Screenshot:

What better way to draw more attention from investors to DLease and the Steem blockchain?

DLease.io is a platform that allows stakeholders to earn passive returns by leasing out their STEEM Power; facilitated by the peer-to-peer DLease marketplace, which sported double-digit returns since inception in 2017 in a closed Steem community beta.

While showing new investors that such a valuable service like DLease exists is already a step into the right direction, it's still necessary to demonstrate why Steem is different from other blockchains.

Our greatest assets are the flourishing Steem communities, so let's show the rest of the internet that strength, by reacting to those press releases in a positive way!

The new attention to the DLease market makes now, the perfect time for Steem community leaders and application developers to receive STEEM Power delegations needed to keep their projects running and thriving. Simply place an order on the DLease market, while the competition is still low!

An increased demand for leased STEEM Power can prompt investors to buy more STEEM, which strengthens the whole Steem economy. Where else can they earn a passive return of investment by "hodling" their tokens? There's not many cryptocurrencies that can offer this; we have to use this to the advantage of the Steem network!

We at BuildTeam feel this is going to be an important platform going forward; as more businesses are drawn to Steem, the ability to operate is going to get more difficult as the demand for Resource Credits and STEEM Power grows. Leasing will offer businesses an economical way to have their users interact on the blockchain.

BuildTeam's goal is to expand the reach of Steem beyond the status quo!

HypeStat: Cryptocompare.com (06-04-2019)

cryptocompare.com receives about 125,240 unique visitors and 224,180 (1.79 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $982.20/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $512,869.69. According to Alexa Traffic Rank cryptocompare.com is ranked number 10,745 in the world and 0.00889% of global Internet users visit it.

HypeStat: Cryptocompare.com (06-04-2019)

cryptoglobe.com receives about 15,497 unique visitors and 23,245 (1.50 per visitor) page views per day which should earn about $109.57/day from advertising revenue. Estimated site value is $42,232.36. According to Alexa Traffic Rank cryptoglobe.com is ranked number 80,354 in the world and 0.0011% of global Internet users visit it.

Go to DLease.io today and take it for a spin!

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