DIY oak coffee table

in diy •  last year

DIY oak coffee table made by me @Thierybydesign

Today I took some time of off my other projects to have some fun and make an oak coffee table!

I used a piece of oak that I had left over from my kitchen top.
I used a router that I mounted on a old chainsaw blade (if it works it ain't stupid :) ) to cut out the tabletop.




Its a really easy design to make yourself. The table top is 60 cm (23.6 inch) wide and 4 cm (1.6 inch) thick.
The metal table legs are made from 2.5 cm (1 inch) square stock TIG welded and consist of the following parts:

  • four 36 cm (14,2 inch) pieces cut 45 degrees on one side for the vertical's
  • one 55 cm (21,6 inch) piece for the center horizontal
  • two 26,25 cm (10,2 inch) pieces for other horizontals
  • four 2 x 1 cm (0,8 x 0,4 inch) pieces with 4 mm (0,157 inch) holes


Don't forget to U5dsaHfbHhwEYJu2xEiAcbEeEuMiGJm.gif

if you want more DIY

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