RV Bathroom Remodel :: Part 2

in diy •  8 months ago

In the midst of a bunch of other projects, such as working on the brakes for my traveling Landwhale, I'm also trying to redo the bathroom into something less nasty.

I started with the toilet, and other than the plumbing parts of the RV not fitting the toilet, and other than a part of the wall that hides some pipes and wires being in the way...it went well. So, new toilet is installed and is pretty fancy for an RV.

Now I have to bring the rest of the bathroom up to snuff. Time to work on the sink and countertop.

Had to tear out a little rectangle 'hump' that covered the lower portion of the wall behind the toilet, but that's ok...it can be rebuilt.

Now we move on to the sink. This yellow plastic thing is going away, as will the countertop.

Goodbye, foul sink.

It's very tight quarters under the sink in a tiny bathroom. Not a comfortable angle for getting it all disconnected and disassembled.

Still, it's mostly standard household fittings, with a regular PVC drain and pex fittings.

Now I take the old countertop to my basement shop and use it as a template atop a new slab of countertop. Going to have to cut it out of the big piece, then cut out the sink hole.


Come back next time when we see how well (or not well) my cutting goes!

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Don't make us wait too long Neg!


What? If other people can serialize novels on steemit, I can serialize an RV bathroom remodel.

Ok, it's not going to be the next Netflix miniseries, I grant you that.


I can see the intro now. "Previous on Landwhale, the renovations..."

Have u checked out DIY subreddit yet? There are tons of great resources out there to get inspiration, might give you some new ideas too if you hadn't finish building it yet. :)


I haven't been there in a while. Looks like now I have to go back and visit it and see what clever things people are doing. There goes my spare time!


Yes you should man! The community there are growing huge! A lot new interesting stuff to look up there :)

Looks very compact. Well organized i must say.

I know this will make absolutely no sense, but it has never crossed my mind that people have to remodel their RVs. It totally makes sense... it’s a house on wheels, essentially... and yet when you hear about people’s remodels they are typically talking about places that have a foundation and can’t be parked at a KOA. You learn something new every day! Or at least I do.


It's certainly not typical, but people do do it. The older an RV gets, the more in need of a facelift it gets. The tricky part is you can't just waltz down to your local Menards and buy 2x4s and drywall and start nailing stuff together. Everything in an RV is oddly shaped and sized, and there are weird trim pieces and vinyl bits everywhere, and you're always concerned about overall weight.

So, no clawfoot cast iron tub in the bathroom for me!


Ha ha! That must be a challenge, especially working in that small space as you indicated. Are there stores where you can buy remodeling supplies specifically for land whales?

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