Projects Upon Projects :: RV Bathroom Remodel :: Part 1

in diy •  7 months ago

One of my many planned summer projects in Wisconsin while avoiding the Florida summer heat was to remodel the bathroom in my Landwhale (RV).

Not terribly interesting to anyone, but I like posting the pics forever to the blockchain so that I can remind myself I was productive over the summer when I look back in September and wonder where the season went.

So, on tap with this bathroom is going to be a replacement of the toilet, the countertop, sink, and shower curtain/frame. I am going to be cutting the countertop myself from a much larger slab of laminate, and upgrading the sink to a nice white one with a stainless steel faucet instead of the tan sink and plastic faucet, and going from a short plastic toilet to a taller real ceramic toilet.

Let's get going.

Starting off, we have a nasty plastic toilet with a flusher handle behind the toilet you have to reach down over your poop to grab.

Gross plastic toilet doesn't hold water in the bowl anymore either, so the smells of the stuff from the holding tank tend to waft up.

Toilet gone. That was easy.

Well, the easy part is done. Hard part to come. I don't think the plumbing from the wall is going to fit the plumbing on the back of the new toilet...

Landwhale will be happy to have a new toilet installed. So will my wife.

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I think this literally qualifies as a shit post, Neg.

Are in Wisconsin now, or living in your pool in FL?


Up in Wisconsin! Traveled back in the RV, so now it's going to get some poo-related upgrades to hopefully make our pooping activities more enjoyable when we head back to FL in August.

Good luck with this project. Might want to look into a quality flexible water connector for the toilet. Might make the match-up a little easier.


Thanks for the suggestion! That's probably what I'll be looking at; a stainless steel braided line, most likely.

I happen to like this shitpost... its the only one I find to work within the context of it all...

You broke the matrix...


A year from now, will be filled with posts like this.

Or not.

Glass half full, glass half empty.

Aw. Just when it was getting interesting and I'd settled in you stopped @negativer! 😢

Nice photograph of your Landwhale though! 😊


That's me, toying with your toilet-related emotions, right up to the very end.

Thx! :)

Looks like a pretty shitty job. Good luck @negativer


You are not wrong. The smell alone was horrendous.

Ya finally natures call will not be a problem anymore..


Heh, that is true :)