DIY. Polymer clay stitch earrings

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This is the first time im attempting to make these #earrings and took me 2 hours to get together . They are a custom order for a coworker 💙.
100% done by my hands😉.

This is how they turned out. Again i used #polymerclay and #sterlingsliver earring hooks to finish them off. I do make and sell all my #jewelry and most of my earrings are $15 USD. Hope you enjoy this #diy 💜

A link to my online store here


First here is a few things i used to make these.

my tools are simple a needle, knife and rubber tip tool.


Liquid clay to seal the head pins in and use some around the ears.


The gloss to make it shine after baking.


And your head pins


First i started with the head and body. A ball for the head and a tear drop shape for the body.


Attach them.


Make a oval of lighter color clay for the belly and flatten it out .




Making the mouth, i made a banana like shape and flatten it out .


Attach and blend into the neck .


Making the feet is really easy, just two little balls and attach.



Doing the eyes again two small balls and flatten them, use the same color as the mouth and belly.




For the arms its just a few small tear drop shapes.


Attach them💙


And sorry i jumped to the ears just because of the colors, i like to stay with the same colors at a time so that the darker colors dont run off on my fingers and mix into the lighter ones.

So here is how i did the ears. Rolled out again tear drop shapes of the light blue and purple ( for the inner ear color) and flatten.




Lay them on top of each other.


Roll to blend. And cut a notch out of each opposite site for a left and right ear.


Then attach and blend to the head. ( sorry this picture doesnt have the arms on yet i had to use the second one to take the picture for the diy lol )


Back to the eyes. Make two small black balls and press onto the eyes .



Add your nose and extra details to the feet if you want. I used a dark purple to match the backs details.


And for the back i just added a ball for his tail and some dark purple for little details. Also add your head pin with some Liquid clay.


Now bake according to your clays instructions.

After cooled I #handpainted the white dots for the eyes. Once the paint drys go ahead and glaze and add your earring hooks and your finished 🤗💙💜.


#aloha and thank you for your #support


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These are really cutool, I mean cute and cool! You really make some unique and charming pieces, @aloha-creations! Thanks for sharing.

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Those are so cute - am a beader myself but used to make my own polymer clay beads some time ago :)

Great article! I want to get my girls doing this, they'd love it.

I loved this article so much that I decided to feature you in this week's entry for the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!

(I honestly can't believe I haven't featured you before, lol!)


Nice featured pick

They are lovely!

@aloha-creations you have great talent and loads of patience!

I love DIY posts and this one you have put together so nicely for newbs like myself when it comes to poly clay. Hopefully I'll get enough time soon to give it shot :)

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Beautiful work
Got to see this because you were featured by @viking-ventures in her entry for the @pifc curation contest - week 49

They are happy little things/ fellows hehe

Cool little creations. Always interesting to see the various hobbies and skills people get to share here on steemit

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Oh thank u again wolfhart💜. Im so happy to be apart of one of the best groups around !!


We’re glad you are here and a part of it :)

aww STITCH!!! Great job @aloha-creations. I have to say for curation today, yours has been the best post. You did a step by step and great commentary!!

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Haha, how cute are they!!! :D I love them!

PS I stopped by thanks to @viking-ventures who featured you in the Pay It Forward Curation Contest :)

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My wife would LOVE these!


Well if u ever want to order just let me know and ill be happy to make a pair for you 💜


I just showed them to her. She really likes them. Lilo and Stitch is one of her favorite movies. She was watching it with our son last week. All three of them. I didn't know they made 3 Lilo and Stitch movies HA HA.

Stitch looked so cute. What are the chances of you and me meeting someday? I wanted to learn from you more.

These are really fantastic, I’m amazed how good they look - and at how simple you make it seem to do with your step by step guide! You obviously enjoying creating these a great deal, and it’s fascinating to see the process - I really enjoyed this lost thanks for sharing.

#thealliance #witness

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