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It has been a recent topic that it is time to make steemit appeal to the masses like how other social medias around are. It has been also raised that we must drop the focus on "quality" and start to get users to post what interests them. Isn't this another debate of quantity over quality?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube has billions of users and millions of contents posted every day and most do not bring quality to content but are engaging.

If Steemit will have even just a portion of these users who post anything they like, will Steemit become a better place? There is a big possibility that it can make the value of steem even more 10x higher than it currently is, but will it still be a convenient place for authors?

Like what I mentioned in my previous post of The Blogger: Steemit as a blogging platform, Steemit is a social news community that pays its users using its Steem blockchain-based rewards platform. From that fact, anyone can say that Steemit is not like any other social media platform.

DApps are one that could be how social media platforms functions. These Decentralized Appilcations built on steem are appearing everywhere and Steemit is anticipating for more future DApps to come. It's also the reason why they are developing SEO on Steem and Steemit. Contents created in the platform should be identifiable from contents made from DApps.

As mentioned on previous post by @steemitblog: By knowing the importance of open standards, they want to make sure that the network is able to get as big as possible and store as much valuable information. As networks scale and are becoming complex, it enable and ensures that the foundational components are not fragile, so developers are free to build even more valuable applications on top of the foundation.

But there are a lot to what people might think could be better for the platform and for their convenience. So what do you think?

Should Steemit be like any other social media platform?

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