Disco Tuesday | Peggy Gou Moment EP

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Welcome in the newest #discotuesday, where you can pleasure yourself with enjoyable disco vibes with a bunch of crazy foxes. We are here to constantly provide you the hottest content related with the electronic music. The newest releases, the biggest parties, the most interesting artists and the rarest shit. This Tuesday we are perfectly synchronized with the hottest day of the year (yet) and same time serving the hottest upcoming premiere from the Berlin based, Korean beauty Peggy Gou, which has just announced establishing her own label called Gudu Records.



On the 19th of April 2019 world will see the first, unique [GUDU001], the first EP from the debut label of the funky princess Peggy Gou. Finding time for managing own label between all those daily duties like digging, releasing tracks on the friendly labels and producing new ones, regularly smashing worldwide dancefloors, playing more than 150 gigs per year, proves that her time management skills are impressive. What can we expect from the upcoming label ? Definitely warm and positive vibrations, perfect for upcoming summer ! Lovely melodies and deeper basses will move the laziest elephant on the floor. Keep your eyes on the tracks, pre-order is active and no one knows how quickly it will disappear from the stores.


Peggy Gou - Starry Night [GUDU001]

Peggy Gou - Han Pan [GUDU001]

If you like it, make sure to reserve yourself a copy via Gudu Records

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