[Steemit DIP] 2. Delegate & Revoke Delegations Project (Progress Report)

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Dear Steemit Community,

After successfully finishing the first DIP (Development Incentive Program) project, we are excited to announce that we are already in the implementation phase of the second one, the Delegate & Revoke Delegations Project.

I. Project Summary

The main goal of the project is to extend the Steemit wallet's (https://steemitwallet.com) functionality to enable users to delegate SP (Steem Power) and revoke existing delegations with a click. Despite a form/popup for adding delegations, the wallet will contain a new "Delegations" section, which will list all existing delegations (including a button to directly revoke) and the expiring delegations.

As our team discovered in the planning stage, there are a few minor layout issues on mobile devices to be fixed in the wallet, which will also get done with this project.

II. Team Introduction

The development team is @symbionts, a long-term top Steem witness with a great track record of developing various useful Steem tools and apps. The Symbionts team (consisting of @dr-frankenstein and a few great off-chain developers) are already an essential part of the Steem sphere and we are glad to have them getting involved in improving the Steemit platform.

III. Roadmap

In the first week, the dev team will review the wallet repository, check the project's development conventions (styles, component codes, file and folder structure), and set up the required server/testing environment. As we are now one week into the development phase, this part is already done.

From week 2 to 4, the main implementation is about to take place. This includes adding the ability to make delegations from the main wallet page and creating the new "Delegations" section.

Over the last week, the team will finalize the development process, provide a live version for testing, make corrections where needed, and finally request all changes to be merged into the wallet source.

For more details, please take a look at the Start of Work Announcement Post from @symbionts.

IV. Conclusion

As editing and reviewing delegations directly in the Steemit wallet is one of the most wanted missing features out there, we are really happy to finally be able to make this a reality. If all goes well, the project will be done by the end of this month and working with delegations in the wallet will already be possible by early August.

Stay tuned for the next update!


nice Job, something is going on here :)
Good luck !thumbup

Good luck !thumbup

Hello @dip.team! You are Marvelous!

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More commands are coming!

Good luck it will be good addition to Steemit wallet.

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Hello @dip.team! You are Delightful!

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More commands are coming!

Great to see these initiatives! Good luck! 🎇


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