Aiming at losing some belly fat?

in diet •  6 months ago

Great and relatively short video about the subject:

simply burn more calories than you take in

pure maths, no explanation required

drink your coffee black - no milk, no sugar, in the morning, before workout

Black coffee pushes your metabolism, lets your cells release fat and reduces the absorption of sugar in your digestion system.

eat carbs after proteins (except after workout)

You can eat carbs, pasta, whatever, but eat it after some salad, proteins etc. so your metabolism

don't work out too much or too long

Because stress raises Cortisol (stress hormone) which you dont want and
fights its antipode Testosterone (which you do want) (yes, even if you are a woman)

don’t drink your calories

only drink water or tee, coffee without sugar or milk
Most other drinks have lots of calories:

  • No coffee drinks at Starbucks (300-550 calories!)
  • No smoothies or shakes (250-850 calories)
  • No sodas, no juices (120 - 200 calories)

Sources amongst others:

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