Small update to steem-verifier CLI tool

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steem-verifier is a CLI application by @hernandev, released one year ago. I needed that app today to check a specific transaction.


However, steem-verifier uses get_transaction RPC call, which is not supported on most public nodes, anymore. (Due to rocksdb replacement in steemd)

Created a fork and updated the project with a version that you can check transaction ids with tx id + block height pair. If you know the block height along with the transaction ID, you can use get_block and filter out the related transaction.


 $ virtualenv -p python3.6 steem-verifier-env
 $ source steem-verifier-env/bin/activate
 $ git clone
 $ cd steem-verifier
 $ pip install -e .

Then you can use it like this:

$ steem-verifier <tx_id> --block-height=<block_height>

Props to @hernandev for the initial development.

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That’s cool. Good to have an alternative to directly query with tx id.

nice, that can be really helpful! A pity that the lookup by transaction ID isn't available anymore...

For the beem users: this functionality is also contained in beempy:

beempy verify --trx 11 37430000
| trx | Signer key                                            | Account     |
| 11  | STM5vgGoHBrUuDCspAPYi3dLwSyistyrz61NWkZNUAXAifZJaDLPF | blocktrades |

note that trx is the transaction number within the block, not the transaction id as used in steem-verifier

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