Steem-Verifier: Easy transaction signature verification.

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New Project: Steem-Verifier

What is the project about?

Steem-Verifier is a command line tool, which helps Steem users to audit a given transaction for the public keys which signed the transaction, and to link such discovered public keys with the owning accounts.

Use cases

The tool is useful for accounts which multiple authority key and / or authority applications, allowing the discover of which one of the authorities was responsible for signing the transaction.

Also, when recursive authorization happens (account A authorizes account B, which authorized account C, which authorizes account D). Allowing to pin point which of the recursive authorities was the one actually signing the transaction.

Installation and Usage

This tool can be installed through pip:

pip install steem-verifier

The usage, is simple:

steem-verifier [-h] [--node NODE] transaction
transaction  The transaction ID (hex) to verify the signatures.
-h, --help   show this help message and exit
--node NODE  HTTPS RPC node to connect, defaults to



Technology Stack

The command line tool was written with Python, leveraging the incredible steem-python client.


Include some automated tests and exception handling.

How to contribute?

Contact on Discord (hernandev#5834), on the Github repository or on this post.


Since Utopian frontend is currently unavailable and it will be way harder to set as beneficiary manually, I'll transfer 15% of the payout, upon release.


Great work! Thank you for making this tool available for everyone. Now i dont need to bother you to check a signature :)

:) my pleasure! It was a nice challenge given I had not really much experience with python before :) Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the contribution. It has been approved.

Very cool! If you ever decide to create a new CLI you should definitely check out Click, it's amazing!

Need help? Write a ticket on
Chat with us on Discord.

I do have a project on the line, which must use python indeed (incorporate some docker-compose functionality) I'll give click a try!

Really nice to work on Python for a change.

amazing how these tools make your life easier

Hey @hernandev

We're already looking forward to your next contribution!

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Excellent tooling I think with a little automation could be added to Steemit or busy, as for your PD I am more than in agreement with you. I even made a suggestion to utopian in which they could recreate the through a small register, it hurts that no one has seen it yet.


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