Want some DeVault ($DVT) for free? A few ways to get in on the action

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From the beginning @decentralizd has been a huge proponent of DeVault, $DVT. After following him on Twitter, he continued to tweet about this new coin, $DVT that was truly trying to be different in the crypto space. You can read more about why I like DeVault and what sets it apart, right here.

In order to increase awareness and adoption of the coin, @decentralizd and the community has a few promotions going on for you to acquire, earn, and win $DVT

Ways To Earn $DVT

1. Southxchange Faucet

Southxchange is a relatively newer (and smaller) cryptocurrency exchange but one that people have really enjoyed. Roughly every three hours, you can claim your piece of DVT. They are currently giving away 50 DVT when available. All you have to do is have an account on Southxchange and upon logging in go to ‘Faucets’ and click ‘Claim’ under DVT. Simple as that. Boom. Some $DVT in your possession. This may change over time and this means of acquiring $DVT may go away in the future but for now, get your DVT while you can.

2. Twitter Retweet Contest

This retweet contest will end on February 20th (about 5 days from now) but those who act and complete the tasks have a chance to win 100k $DVT. At current prices, this is over $50 worth of the coin. To me, this is an absolute no brainer. In order to be entered to this competition, all you need to do is Retweet this tweet from @decentralizd, follow DeVaultCrypto on Twitter, and then tag two friends in a comment on this tweet to make them aware of the contest going on. All of this takes literally 2 minutes and could result in a nice chunk of $DVT.

3. Comment your DeVault address on @Decentralizd’s Steemit Post

Once again, my buddy @decentralizd, doing awesome work and gifting 1000 $DVT to those who simply post their $DVT address on @decentralizd Steemit post. You can view this post here. I’m not sure how long this will be up, but take advantage while you can!

4. Write a qualifying post about DeVault on Steemit

Get your fingers and mind ready. You guessed it, @decentralizd has another bounty/giveaway on Steemit for those content creators. One that I have taken advantage already (and am doing so again here). He is willing to give 10,000 $DVT to those who make a post about DeVault and post it here on Steemit. There are a few minor qualifications required on it but the majority of people should qualify for it. You can learn more about this bounty from @decentralizd Steemit post here.

5. Join the Discord. Be active. Get Rains.

The DeVault Discord is an awesome place to be. Join Now. The community is very close and interactive. If you’ve got suggestions, have questions, or are having difficulty with anything surrounding the coin you will find help there. Those who are one the last 25 active members in the community when someone, anyone, yes you could to, decides to use the command ‘!rain’ will equally donate that number of $DVT to those members. There have been over 1,500,000 $DVT (over $500 worth at current prices) that have been spread around the community since the inception of this bot. Not surprising at all but @decentralizd has been near the top in his rains! Come join the community, be active, and get your umbrellas ready!

Check out DeVault today!

This article is is part of DVT Bounty program. Join the community, learn about DVT, write on it, and earn some DVT yourself!

This is not investment advice


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