Could DeVault ($DVT) be the best kept secret in Crypto?

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to the Steem Blockchain. I’d like to come and post more often especially when there are cool, unique things going on. Well, today is one of those days.

There are nearly 7000 coins according to CoinGecko (which I prefer over Many of these coins are dead and have no active development or have little to no trading volume. There are another group of coins that have a ton of fake volume on the exchanges. But, I digress.

One coin that caught my eye a few months back and continues to pique my interest is DeVault ($DVT).

DeVault is a community driven coin with a goal of being as inclusive as possible instead of having a few players behind the scenes running everything. There are a load of unique features to this coin and new features being built daily. You can learn more about DeVault and the features on their website. There are a few reasons why I think DeVault is severely undervalued and I'll hit on a few of them here.

The price has oscillated between about 2 satoshi and 5 satoshis for the last few months. Currently the market cap has been hovering around the $50k mark, but reached as high as $122k recently, making it a micro-micro cap in my opinion. DVT mainly trades on Southxchange and Graviex to a much lesser extent.
To help with volatility, Southxchange has created sub satoshi pricing so for instance you can buy DVT at a price of say 2.4 satoshis. Not sure if or when we see DVT at 2.4 satoshis again though.

There is a tremendous amount of activity from a development side. Just check out their GitHub and you’ll be blown away. There have been a few developers (thanks Spock and Proteus) that have spent countless hours improving this coin!

Cold Rewards are maybe my favorite feature of the coin. Unlike staking where the wallet needs to stay open or a masternode where you have to run a server, with Cold Rewards you earn DVT by HODLing. All you have to do is hold the DVT for at least 21,915 blocks and as long as you have at least 25,000 DVT in the transaction you will get the DVT reward. With a block time at about 120 seconds, these Cold Rewards come fairly often. The way the payouts work for Cold Rewards depends on the number of coins in the transaction. The higher the DVT balance the more often you’ll get the reward.

From a wallet perspective there are many options. The DeLight wallet is extremely slim and syncs incredibly fast. The Android Wallet is already out and iOS wallet should be out before long. Many of you know that cryptocurrency adoption hasn’t been as high as we would like and one thing I believe is that the addresses for each coin are too long. To combat this, Devault created Devault ID, which shortens the address to a more readable address. Last I checked, you needed to use the DeLight Electrum Wallet in order to create your unique DeVault ID.

Just a few weeks ago, a trading competition was held on both Southxchange and Graviex where over 1.5 million DVT were awarded. I’m sure there will be more in the future!

If you’re interested in joining the DeVault Community, come check out the discord! The community is active and extremely helpful if you encounter any issues with the wallet or have questions in general. They’ve got a tip-bot where Rains (tips of DeVault to the last 25 active members on Discord) are plentiful and if you have a gambling addiction you can win big or end up penniless, like I often do!

Check out DeVault today!

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This is not investment advice

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