First orthodontist in the world accepting Steem and SBD Payments!!!

in deutsch •  2 years ago

A friend of mine told me about Steem, Steem $ and Steempower, I decided that I want to join into the world of crypto currencies (I missed out years ago, when I went to one of @aaronkoenig BXB Events, but didn't invest into bitcoin at 12$ ...) This time I wont miss the train!

So I am officially announcing, that 123Zahnspange in Potsdam is as of today accepting Steem and Steem $ payments ( I prefer Steem, as I will powerup all incoming payments)

Liebe Freunde, 

ich freue mich euch mitzuteilen, dass wir ab sofort Steem $ und Steeem als Zahlungsmittel akzeptieren!

Wir sind spezialisiert auf Zahnspangen für jung und alt. Für Kinder bieten wir extra Zahnputzkurse (auch für Erwachsene) and und wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch (Unsere Webseite)


We are two orthodontists
cepand 1

Our team is awesome! (and yes they love Halloween)

We are sponsoring our local youth football team!

And here comes my verification picture!

Little un-known fact about orthodontist:

We are dentists, but we are specialist who have undergone years of extensive special training after we have graduated in dentistry. So a normal dentist is like Navy, but we are Navy Seals ;)

Our dentist surgery

My dentist's surgery has modern instruments, we only use low-radiation machines and we don't x-ray your kids 5 times a year, as others might do to get more money out of your healthcare insurance. 

I only treat patience with the best medical methods, if I think something you are trying to do is bad for your health (for example surgery without necessity), I wont accept you as a patient. 

This is my first ever attempt to blog, so please show me some love :)

Dr. med. dent. C. Djamchidi

Tel.: +49 33203 86910

Please follow me @zahnspange !

P.S. I will be at the Berlin/ Potsdam Meetup at Café Einstein in Potsdam, so hope to learn a lot more about Steemit!

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So cool!!! I'm an Italian dentist but as I don't work in a big clinic I cannot choose to accepts steem ... So envy and happy for you


Thank you!. Yes I hope this post makes it to the trending page so I can power up more ! :)

and I am doing the #keepingpledge and will power up 100% @capitalism

Großartig! Scheint ja eine tolle Truppe zu sein in der Praxis. Upvote und Following :)


Liebe Ines, ja in der Tat, ein tolles Team! Dein Artikel war auch toll!


Danke ! wir sind begeistert von Steemit


Vielen Dank Ines !

Falls Du mal ein Problem hast , oder in Berlin bist. Komm einfach vorbei . Lg C


Besten Dank für die Einladung - wer weiß, vielleicht klappt es ja sogar mal :)

Upvote und follow, tolle Sache!


Hallo ! Danke, wenn Du mal in Potsdam bist komme gerne vorbei !

Ich bin begeistert. Sehr sympathischer und kreativer Einstieg.


Hallo Elex!
Vielen Dank! Wir freuen uns auch dabei zu sein bei Steemit

Ich spüre meine Abneigung gegen Ärzte förmlich schwinden. Willkommen an Bord, Doc :-)


Hallo !
wir sind auch nur Menschen in Kitteln ;)
Freue mich, dass Du nun deinen Arzt wieder ins Herz schliessen kannst ;)

Hi, @zahnspange. I am the owner of Steem Locator, a website to list all venues accepting Steem or SBD, I would like to include you in it , could you please provide the following:
-Business Name
-Business Address
-Business Coordinates (you can get these out of Google Maps just by dragging a marker to where your business is located)
-Whether you accept Steem, SBD or both
-Contact email address (optional)
-Contact phone (optional)
-Website address



Yes we will add it to your site!


Hi @zahnspange, currently it is not possible to add it yourself, I am working on the next release that will allow login and the ability to list a business yourself, for now, I will need to have the information requested above so that I can register it. For more information check:


Here an Italian article about steem locator if you want to comment to let the people know how easy it is I'd very glad.

fear of dentists from the very childhood. can't do anything with it(


its not that bad !


I just CAN'T)


Do a search for "self-hypnosis dentistry." Over a hundred years of successful treatments for both pain and phobias.


So there is many way to work with fear. We are working with Music etc. as we have mainly kids, its important to calm them down.

What a fantastic idea... congratulations... Voted up and following!

Wäre Deine Praxis auf Mallorca, hättest Du jetzt schon 6 neue Patienten mehr.

I like the Seals analogy. I'm trying to imagine what that would look like in cartoon form.

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are we getting a discount if we pay in sbd ? :D