Introducing STEEM LOCATOR beta - Find and List Businessess Accepting Steem all over the World!

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Hi Steemians! Today I am proud to announce the BETA version of a website that I've been working on, Steem Locator! Now you can find and list Businesses accepting Steem or SBD all over the globe!

Since this is the BETA version, some core features are still missing but will be available soon in the next release. For now the website is hosted in Firebase so the address is


  • Custom designed Map
  • Nice and colorful markers for the different types of Businesses: Restaurant, bars, hotels, coffe shops, etc
  • Marker Grouping depending on zoom level
  • Info Window with Business details like address, description, website, phone number, registration date, etc)
  • Display with the current number of Venues accepting Steem or SBD

In a mobile device...

For now (in beta) if your business currently accepts Steem or SBD and you want to have it listed on Steem Locator please comment on this post using the following format:

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address
  3. Business Coordinates (you can get these out of Google Maps just by dragging a marker to where your business is located)
  4. Business Type (restaurant, food truck, coffe shop, etc)
  5. Whether you accept Steem, SBD or both
  6. Contact email address (optional)
  7. Contact phone (optional)
  8. Website address

Or you can also send an email to with the mentioned details.

Some businesses accepting Steem and SBD

I took the liberty of locationg a couple of businesses that I know are already accepting Steem or SBD, I know there are currently just 3 (at least that I know of) but considering Steem potential as Crypto Currency soon will be lots more! Germany is winning at the moment!

  • Kabeer Kebabs Food Truck (this is my business)
  • Einstein Kaffee Bistro
  • Sylter Stuben
    Please provide any missing information so that I can update this places.

Main comming features for version 1.0

  • User sign up for venue creation.
  • Administrate your Venues.
  • UI enhancements to the map, markers and info windows.
  • Share Venue

Features for later versions:

  • Add Images to your venues
  • Claim a Venue
  • Search for a Venue


Any kind of Feedback regarding the website will be highly appreciated, please let me know what you think about the design in general, colors being used, logo, and features you think could make the user experience better! Remember this website is for the Steemit community so I won't hesitate on putting in place your recommendations in the coming versions.


I am really proud of being an active contributor of the Steemit community. This is really cool! Now we can keep track of businesses accepting Steem, list our business and have a place where everybody can see which businesses were the first ones accepting Steem!

Remember I am going to be actively working on this site so there are more features and enhancements to come! For the time being I am going to be actively monitoring the email address mentioned before and this post in order to add new businesses to Steem Locator.

What are you waiting for? Start accepting Steem and get your business listed in Steem Locator!

Follow me if you don't want to miss any updates about this website!

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Nice work @oumar very cool! Steem + Kebabs = Greatness


yes - YeS - YES!!!!! Awesome


This is a great idea! Help the community stay connected and assist one another in growing! :D


thanks! @alchemage, that is what I want to achieve!

This is great. Following now :) This will be great once we have a SteemIt economy . People can look up SteemIt businesses.


Exactly my thoughts, as the community keeps growin this app will be really helpful!

This is a fantastic idea, building a big steemit community in which help and support are key. Thanks man! (:

Sweet! You are really on to something big!

Nice. Where I can I order a Pizza?


Hi @knoble! I currently haven't seen any pizza business starting to accept Steem, I hope we have one soon!

Very cool site, will be super useful in the future. It's too bad you have one of the only businesses in the world accepting steem. Where is your business located?


Hi @daut44, why too bad? hehe it is located in Guadalajara you can look at it in the website ;) hopefully there will be more businesses listed soon