Steem price end January - results

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Die Zeit vergeht und schon ist Februar, Zeit die Gewinner aus Steem price end January zu ermitteln und die Preise auszuzahlen.

Time flies and it's already February, time to pick the winners from Steem price end January and pay out the prizes.


Preisbasis war das 24h High auf am 31.01.2023 um 00:00 MEZ, hier ist der Screenshot um Punkt 00:00 Uhr:

Price basis was the 24h high on on 31.01.2023 at 00:00 CET, here is the screenshot at 00:00 sharp:

Screenshot 31.01.2023

Folgende Tipps wurden abgegeben:

The following tips were given:


And the winners are...

Die Transfers sind gemacht und sollten brav auf euren Wallets gelandet sein.

The transfers are done and should have landed nicely on your wallets.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch an die Gewinner und vielen Dank an alle für's mitspielen.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for playing.

Ausgangspunkt war ja der Spruch: "Wie der Januar, so das Jahr". Also von mir aus kann es ruhig so weitergehen :-)
The starting point was the saying: "Like January, like the year". So from me it can go on like this :-)



Hey, dritter Platz! Das ist ja mega! 👍
Vielen Dank für diese Aktion.

Wünschen wir dem STEEM, dass es langsam aber stetig weiter so geht...

Danke für's Mitmachen und gratuliere zum 3. Platz, hattest nen guten Richer :-)

Danke, zwischendurch dachte ich schon, der STEEM würde davongaloppieren, aber dann hatte er sich doch noch berappelt und ist in meine Richtung getrudelt... 😜

For some unknown reason I'm getting good at this guessing games 🤠

Thanks @michelangelo3 for this new initiative and Thanks @patjewell for inviting me to the contest.

@michelangelo3, are you happy with the out come of participation? also, do you wish to continue it?

(The signature part is creative 👌)

Congratulations on your first place, your glass ball worked great.

Yes, I am very happy with the participation. But it was a spur-of-the-moment idea and I have nothing else planned for the time being. I can't say if there will be another spontaneous idea, otherwise it wouldn't be spontaneous :-)

Yep I have to shine it again when you get a spontaneous idea! Good to hear that you are happy with participation.. I'll update you on this again.

Well done!
It looks like you will have to swallow your words of you not being good at guessing games my friend.
PS: Next invite I will charge you a commission.(•ิ‿•ิ)

Even I thought of paying a commission for you 😅

Hihi - Glückwunsch an die Hellseher!


Well, I am glad that my pessimistic forecast did not win! :P
Steem on, comrades!

"Like January, like the year"...
Gloomy forecast... but January was abnormally warm, maybe the crypt will sprout?🤣 😂😅
By the way, when I went to your profile, I saw the answer to your riddle, it really turned out to be a landscape)))👍


Sir @michelangelo3, I'm a newcomer here, what was the price of steem before, now I see the price of steem is very weak?

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